How to make discovery

How to make discovery

If you seriously study any science, conduct researches, conduct experiments, then be ready that sooner or later your efforts will be rewarded. You will make the real discovery. The main thing that your opening was useful, demanded and only in the area.

It is required to you

  • passion for science


1. Before making any discovery, make sure that opening – it is valid something new, earlier not studied or not noticed, otherwise you risk "to invent the bicycle". Thanks to a set of search engines, it is not difficult to find information on the subject interesting you at all. Check all information carefully, be not too lazy to check the available patents and certificates. As a rule, any opening is now patented, and data on the patent can be found by means of the Internet. Also check the fields of science adjacent to that in which you work. Perhaps, the scientist who made discovery, similar to yours just carried it to other science, and charge of plagiarism can threaten you.

2. If you long studied any science or profoundly were interested in some question, then absolutely it is possible that in the field you will be able to make discovery. Take care of that enough the experiments confirming your opening was carried out. Do not forget about an error: at the insufficient number of the confirming experiments the opening cannot be recognized as that. Surely fix all experiments. You enter each result in the table that then it is evident to see dispersion of results. Be not too lazy to construct the chart or the schedule, they will show progress of your work.

3. If you carried out a number of inspections and did not find the data obtained by you anywhere, then you can be congratulated – you made discovery. Take care of "protecting" your opening. Issue on it the patent; further this document will confirm that discovery is made by you. Will be able to use your opening only on the basis of the license granted by you, and in any way differently. Also watch plagiarists! To regret, but there will always be people wishing to use free of charge results of others works. Remember that such things are pursued by the law, and violators are obliged to incur deserved punishment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team