How to make dough for belyashes

How to make dough for belyashes

If you know and you love fragrant and very tasty belyashes, you are simply obliged to try different recipes of their basis. With fast kefir dough without addition of yeast you at once start preparation of a dish, without wasting time, but with barmy option on milk or scalded on boiled water your belyashes will turn out more magnificent and soft. Try everything and choose the recipe.

Fast dough for belyashes without yeast


- 900 g of flour; - 200 ml of milk of any fat content;

- 200 ml of kefir, fermented baked milks or curdled milks; - 3 eggs; - 50 ml of vegetable oil; - on 1 tsp of baking soda and salt.

Get milk and kefir from the fridge in advance that they were warmed to room temperature. Mix both products and eggs in deep capacity and properly shake up everything a nimbus, pour soda and salt. Add to weight a sifted flour small parts, implicating it other hand that it wasn't formed lumps. Pour in vegetable oil there, knead everything and put in the plastic bag which is generously sprinkled inside with flour that contents didn't stick. Leave it for 5-10 minutes then do belyashes. Dough turns out quite sticky, pinch off from it pieces and roll in flat cakes or knead fingers.

Yeast dough for belyashes

Ingredients: - 500 g of flour; - 200 ml of milk; - 1 egg; - 80 ml of vegetable oil; - 5 g of a yeast powder (half of a bag); - 1 tablespoons of sugar; - 1 tsps of salt. Pour milk in a stewpan and warm up on average fire, but you don't bring to the boil. Pour warm liquid in a big bowl, dissolve in it sugar, dismiss yeast and let's 10-15 minutes stand for swelling. Pound separately egg by means of a fork and add with vegetable oil to dairy and barmy mix. Gradually fill flour, salt there and knead the soft dough which isn't sticking to palms. Roll it in whom, put on a table, cover with a clean towel that wasn't weather-beaten, and sustain 1.5-2 hours before increase in sizes practically twice. If in kitchen drafts, place dough in a warmish oven. Press down it, properly, and cook belyashes.

Custard paste for belyashes on yeast

Ingredients: - 600 g of flour; - 5 g of yeast quick-rise yeast; - 300 ml of water; - 30 g of margarine; - 1 tablespoons of mayonnaise; - 60 ml of vegetable oil; - 1 tablespoons of sugar; - 1 tsps of salt. Pull out margarine from the fridge for half an hour prior to cooking that it was softened. Knead it a spoon in a soup plate or a basin and carefully mix with mayonnaise, vegetable oil, the boiling water and also sugar and salt to uniformity. Sift flour and strew with a half of a portion the prepared mix, from above fill yeast and the remained flour. Quickly knead rather sloping dough. Heat a metal bowl, cover with it a test lump and draw it 40 minutes. Again knead it and you mold belyashes.

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