How to make ferment for baking of home-made bread

How to make ferment for baking of home-made bread

With emergence on sale of bread machines of various brands and models baking of home-made bread became very popular. In this regard there is more and more information on recipes of a bakery goods and also disputes on are conducted on what to bake bread – on yeast or ferment? With yeast, of course, it is convenient: I bought, I filled in dough how many it is necessary – and all! However many hostesses prefer to bake bread on ferment. Make ferment quite simply, it will be required on it four days; it will be more difficult than it to support then.

How to prepare

To grow up ferment, about one glass of rye flour and waters of room temperature needs. Flour and water need to be mixed carefully that there is no lump left, to shift in a glass jar which has to be rather capacious – 1-1.5 liters as in the course of fermentation ferment will double in volume at least.

From above the bank needs to cover with a gauze (not a cover!) to provide continuous air flow. Further the bank with ferment for two days should place in the warm place for fermentation. Emergence of a specific sourish smell and formation of bubbles on its surface will become the certificate that ferment began to work.

In two days ferment it is necessary "to feed up" the first time, that is to add on a glass of rye flour and water, it is good to mix and again to put to the warm place. Upon termination of third day the fertilizing procedure should be repeated once again, and at the end of the fourth day ferment will be ready.

How to use

For bread making it is enough to take a half of the received ferment. The rest needs to be shifted in clean glasswares with a cover and to put in the fridge. Per day before the following planned preparation of bread ferment should be put to the warm place again, previously having added to it equal amount of flour and water and having carefully mixed.

For bread making to take a half of the received ferment again, and also to leave the rest in the fridge for next time.

Thus, ferment can be supported long enough. At the same time it is necessary to watch its smell – it shouldn't be sharp and musty, it is sign of the spoiled product.

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