How to make hummus

How to make hummus

Hummus is the most widespread cold appetizer in the countries of the Middle East. Try to make it — it not so difficult, besides all necessary products can be found in shop.

It is required to you

  • Chick-pea (mutton peas) — 2 glass, a tkhina (sesame paste) — 4 tablespoons, garlic — 2-3 cloves, olive oil of a cold extraction — 100-150 g, juice of a half of a lemon, ground black pepper — on a knife tip, salt to taste.


1. Chick-pea is very firm peas therefore he before cooking needs to be killed in cold water at several o'clock, and it is one night better. Then to replace water and to cook within 2-3 hours until it becomes soft (preparation time depends on a grade of chick-pea and time of soaking).

2. Tkhin can be prepared independently. To roast sesame and cumin in a frying pan, then to crush in the coffee grinder. Add several garlic gloves, lemon juice and a little olive oil, mix everything in the blender to a pasty consistency. The ready tkhina can be bought in supermarket.

3. Together with tkhiny to crush chick-pea in the blender, adding broth in which chick-pea, to pyureobrazny uniform consistence cooked. In the course of preparation to add lemon juice to taste, salt and a sprinkling pepper.

4. Lay out hummus in a drinking bowl or a soup plate, make a deepening spoon, water with olive oil. Put in the fridge.

5. Give to a fresh vegetables or to meat dishes.

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