How to make instant meat soup

How to make instant meat soup

In the winter evenings nothing warms better than dense rich soup. At the same time the European nutritionists speak several years about harm of meat soup, in fabrics and bones of an animal for the whole life a number of negative elements collects. But despite everything thousands of people continue to use broths both in an independent look, and as a soup basis.

It is required to you

  • 2 l of water;
    • 500 g of meat;
    • 50 g of onions;
    • 50 g of a root of a celery;
    • 50 g of a root of parsley;
    • 50 g of carrots;
    • 1 egg white;
    • 1 glass of cold water.


1. Cook instant meat soup simply. For this purpose it is necessary to buy the necessary products at the rate of quantity of portions. Meat will be suitable for broth the third or even the fourth grade. The main thing that it was as less as possible fat then broth will be more useful. The best broth turns out from not old beef.

2. Wash out meat, having removed at the same time blood coagulums and dirt. Cut off skin and sites with the blue seal which is set by veterinarians, separate bones. Scroll the washed-out meat via the meat grinder, split bones. Put the prepared basis for broth in cold water and leave for 20 minutes. It is necessary in order that nutritive matters from meat passed into water quicker.

3. After time put a pan with meat on strong fire, without changing at the same time water. As soon as water begins to boil, scum with its surface, cover a pan and lower fire.

4. Add additional ingredients at the beginning of cooking. It can be the fried roots, such as parsley or celery cut lengthways carrots or the whole bulb. Salt is added in 20 minutes after the beginning of cooking.

5. For receiving especially transparent broth make a simple delay. A little crude forcemeat mix with protein whip and a glass of cold water. Carefully stir this mix so that homogeneous smooth mass turned out. Add a half-glass of hot broth from a pan, once again stir all and pour out back in broth.

6. You cook broth in total 35-45 minutes. After the end of cooking take out meat and use for preparation of second courses or a stuffing for pancakes, pies. Ready broth should be filtered, having removed at the same time the boiled-down roots and vegetables. On the basis of such broth it is possible to cook both classical soups, and national dishes, to use it for suppression of the second, production of sauces and gravies.

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