How to make light salad with shrimps and vegetables

How to make light salad with shrimps and vegetables

Seafood dishes became an integral part of the Russian festive feast. Shrimps vegetables salad – the light meal with refined taste containing a large amount of protein. Your guests will appreciate such option of the Mediterranean kitchen.

It is required to you

  • – 130 g of the fresh or frozen tiger shrimps;
  • – 1 paprika (green, red, yellow);
  • – 2 fresh cucumbers of the average size;
  • – 1 fresh carrots;
  • – 50 g of cashew nuts;
  • – 2 tablespoons of quality olive oil;
  • – 20 g sesame seed;
  • – 0.5 tsps of lemon juice;
  • – 1 tsps of balsam vinegar.


1. Previously defreeze shrimps within 20 minutes. For saving of time it is possible to drench seafood with boiled water. Remove an armor and separate a tail from the head. Don't forget to remove with a toothpick an intestinal vein. Lay out meat in deep ware and leave, having sprinkled lemon juice.

2. Clean vegetables and chop thin straws. Pour 1 tablespoons of olive oil on a frying pan and lay out carrots. Roast, constantly stirring slowly, 10-15 minutes. Add the cut paprika and cucumbers. If you noticed that carrots became soft, then it is a sure sign of readiness.

3. Put in a vegetable mix the prepared shrimps and continue to fry 5-7 more minutes. At the end add nuts, cover and the potomita is about 3 minutes old. Put a ready-to-serve salad in separate ware and let's cool down a little.

4. Make the sauce consisting of the remained olive oil, lemon juice and balsam vinegar. A nimbus shake up all ingredients and quickly water a dish. Decorate with a fresh leaf lettuce, and from above strew with fried sesame sunflower seeds.

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