How to make liquid smoke

How to make liquid smoke

Various seasonings allow to change cardinally habitual taste, to add sharpness, to soften sharp notes, to mark out some accents and to remove others. Not all are recognized as useful, and including the liquid smoke which is almost seized from sale. However it is possible to create its effect and in house conditions.


1. Pay attention that in house conditions real liquid smoke can't be made. Its production is based on clarification of smoke in water solution that allows to save it from all harmful products of decay – ashes, tar, carcinogens. For this purpose smoke is at first condensed and divided into three fractions, is cleaned and exposed to physical processing. In some countries it is the fragrance allowing to achieve effect of smoked product from meat products, it is forbidden to sale as contains a large amount of harmful additives.

2. Change a few taste which turns out when using liquid smoke, and use the recipe of simple marinade. For example, the similar effect provides mix from mayonnaise, a curry, garlic and a soy-bean sauce. It will give to chicken or other dish moderately sharp, pungent flavor. Depending on a proportional ratio of ingredients, you will be able to make almost different dishes. Mature chicken in meat in marinade at least several hours, and it will turn out juicy and soft.

3. Find special smoked salt in shops - it almost completely imitates effect which provides liquid smoke. Use it directly in preparation time that the dish managed to become impregnated it, to absorb aroma and to develop a smoked taste. The only difference from liquid smoke that the appearance of your meat won't change.

4. Use the recipe of mix for smoking. For this purpose you will need crude rice, a nonfermented or black tea and it is a little sugar. Inwrap the mixed ingredients in two layers of a foil, and pierce it several times a fork. Lay out on it meat and place everything in a frying pan under a cover. Take minute on strong fire, and then you bring to readiness on weak. Pay attention that at the same time smoke therefore it is better to air kitchen is formed.

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