How to make pies in an oven

How to make pies in an oven

Pies are concerned much in what countries. And Russian cuisine not an exception, in old times in Russia told "pie on a table – a holiday to the house!". All of us ate these pies from unsweetened yeast dough. They can have various stuffings: cottage cheese, meat, fish, vegetable or berry. We will understand how to make pies in an oven with different stuffings.

It is required to you

  • sunflower oil – 2 tablespoons;
  • salt – 1 tsp;
  • sugar – 2 tablespoons;
  • yeast – 2 bags;
  • milk – 2 glasses;
  • flour – 1 kg.


1. To make pies in an oven, slightly warm up milk, add to it salt and sugar. Pour yeast into flour, stir and pour out a part in milk. Use the mixer to stir weight. Gradually pour still torments, don't stop to disturb, then dense dough as and it is necessary to us will turn out.

2. Further add sunflower oil, begin to knead dough hands. Then cover it with a napkin and put somewhere in the warm place on half of hour. Once again knead it when it rises. Further let's it "have a rest" still half of hour.

3. It is possible to make pies in an oven by means of a usual glass jar. Dough will rise once again, roll it in layer, 1.5 centimeters thick. Having dipped edges banks into flour, cut out from the test of a mug. Roll everyone a little, lay out on them a stuffing and you stick together edges more strong.

4. Warm an oven to 200 oC, lay out pies on the baking tray greased with fat. Bake products within 15 minutes.

5. Now we will talk about a stuffing. It is possible to make pies in an oven with different stuffings, we will talk only about three: with raisin and banana, with cherry, with mushrooms and potatoes.

6. If decided to do with bananas, then cut them on a part, add the raisin which is previously wetted in warm water. It is possible to presoak within 15 minutes. Just lay out the received stuffing on dough and powder with sugar.

7. If you want to cook pies in an oven with cherry, and the cherry frozen – defreeze it and diligently wring out all juice. Add some sugar and it is ready, it is possible to fix pie.

8. If there was desire to make pies in an oven with mushrooms and potatoes, then at first it is necessary to make mashed potatoes. Shake up it properly to uniformity, flavor with oil. Don't forget to add the fried, golden onions. Add fried mushrooms to puree and having mixed weight, fill with it pies.

9. Do sweet pies triangular and in the middle from above leave a hole. If you want from cherry pies juice to don't flow, previously strew dough with starch or semolina, and then stack a stuffing. For pies of a tasty type, grease them with egg white in 5 minutes until ready.

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