How to make salad ""Black Prince"

How to make salad ""Black Prince"

Black Prince salad is an effective dish with original taste that does it ideal as a festive treat. Prepare it on one of two recipes light or high-calorie. In the first case you will put a dietary meat dish and a fresh vegetables on a table, in the second you will please guests with very nutritious snack.

Dietary Black Prince salad


- 300 g of beef; - 1 green paprika;

- 2 small bulbs; - on 80 g of a green and red leaf lettuce; - 30 g of unsalted peanut; - on 3 tablespoons of a table vinegar and water; - on 1/4 tsps of ground black pepper and a coriander; - salt; - vegetable oil.

Instead of beef for Black Prince light salad it is possible to take any dietary meat, for example, veal, fillet of a turkey or chicken.

Wash up meat and cut it on thin strips about one length. Warm a little vegetable oil and quickly fry in it beef pieces till golden color, constantly stirring slowly to seal all juice inside. Lower fire to a minimum, close ware a cover and you weary meat to softness. Be engaged in vegetables while the main ingredient is prepared. Clean bulbs and cut everyone on equal longitudinal slices. Mix vinegar with water and pickle onions for 15 minutes then merge liquid. Cut off a fruit stem at pepper, take cores and cut pulp with half rings. Add some salt and season meat in 2-3 minutes until the end of cooking, remove it from fire. Lay out serially on a plate lettuce leaves, pepper, onions, beef and powder a dish with pounded peanut.

Nourishing Black Prince salad

Ingredients: - 300 g of beef liver; - 300 g of champignons; - 150 g of a hard unsweetened cheese; - 1 egg; - 1 bulb; - 5-6 olives without stone; - 30 g of a desi; - 200 g of mayonnaise; - pinch of a black sprinkling pepper; - 0.5 tsps of salt; - vegetable oil.

The liver won't taste bitter if to wet it for half an hour in milk.

Wash out beef liver, cut off rigid films and channels. Put it in a pan with the added some salt water and you cook 10 minutes at a moderate temperature. Exempt a bulb from a peel, thinly chop and brown in vegetable oil to softness. Cut champignons on small parts and add to onions. Throw a desi bar into a frying pan, salt and pepper mushroom subfrying and train her 20-25 minutes on slow fire. Make hard boiled egg on the next ring.

Mayonnaise will evenly impregnate salad layers if to put it with a network, having cut off a small corner of a bag.

Grate a boiled liver, cheese and egg. Lay Black Prince salad even layers, coating with 3 first mayonnaise. Observe at the same time the following order: mushrooms, liver, cheese, egg. Decorate a dish with halves of olives.

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