How to make simple crabsticks and orange salad

How to make simple crabsticks and orange salad

Various crabsticks salads don't lose many years the popularity. Such salads are cooked both for a simple family lunch, and for a festive feast. Crabsticks and orange salad has original taste therefore perfectly will be suitable for the festive menu.

Ingredients necessary for preparation of crab salad with orange:

- 8-10 crabsticks (crab meat is possible);

- 1 ripe orange;

- 4 eggs;

- small can of canned food. corn;

- 100 ml of mayonnaise;

- garlic.

We cook crabsticks and orange salad:

1. At first it is necessary to boil hard boiled eggs.

2. While eggs cook, it is necessary to cut other products for salad.

3. Crabsticks can be cut randomly, the main thing, not really largely.

4. Clean orange from a peel, divide into segments.

5. Clean each segment from a thin skin and seeds, to cut on 4-6 parts.

6. Cool, clean and cut ready eggs on small cubes.

7. To pour out crabsticks, eggs and orange in a salad bowl, to add corn, to mix.

8. Mix the crushed garlic glove with mayonnaise and fill with this sauce salad, again to mix.

9. Salad can be decorated with orange pieces, tinned corn or greens. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team