How to make spray

How to make spray

The widespread sprays in life produced in the industrial method can be injurious to health of the user. In particular, volatiles quite often provoke attacks of asthma and allergic reactions. To avoid such consequences, you can use the self-made safe spraying devices at the heart of which there is a spray. Let's consider how to prepare the sprayed structure against blood-sicking insects.

It is required to you

  • - the distilled water – 45 ml;
  • - the hydrogenated castor oil (PEG-40) – 3 ml;
  • - lavender essential oil – 2 ml;
  • - alcohol or vodka – 50 ml;
  • - a cosmetic bottle with the spraying device;
  • - capacity for liquid cultivation.


1. Prepare small capacity for drawing up active agent which will be used as spray (the usual glass will approach). Also the bottle with the spray is required. Do not try to use for your purposes a metal barrel from under fragrances. Dismantling of such cylinder is strictly forbidden. It is more convenient to take the glass bottle applied to storage of cosmetics. Before use well wash out capacity and dry it.

2. Stock up with the hydrogenated castor oil. This substance known still as polyethyleneglycol or PEG-40, will provide to spray stability and will improve connection of such components as water and essential oil which usually hardly mix up.

3. In capacity fill in polyethyleneglycol (PEG-40), add a drop of lavender oil. Carefully mix structure. Then carefully pour in alcohol or vodka in capacity. If you use alcohol, its quantity in mix should not exceed 25% (replace the rest with the distilled water). Stir the turned-out mix.

4. Wait some time that mix settled. Now pour in about 40-50 ml of the distilled water in structure. Again properly mix and shake up the turned-out structure. Badly stirred spray can accumulate on bottle walls subsequently.

5. Pour the turned-out solution in a bottle and wrap the cover serving as the spray. Once again shake up mix. Spray from mosquitoes is ready to use. Spray means in places where blood-sicking insects most often appear.

6. You store the prepared means in the cool and protected from direct sunshine place. The expiration date of spray makes about a year. Therefore you do not seek to stock up with means for long term, prepare only such amount of substance which will be required for seasonal needs of your family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team