How to make tasty mashed potatoes

How to make tasty mashed potatoes

The most favourite garnish of adults and children is mashed potatoes. Its taste and aroma is familiar to everyone since childhood. As it is pleasant to eat airy and soft puree with fish, meat, mushrooms or chicken! It was necessary only to learn how it is correct to make tasty mashed potatoes.

It is required to you

  • 5 kg of potatoes
    • 1 bulb
    • 1 glass of milk
    • 50 гр desi
    • salt
    • fennel


1. The most tasty puree turns out from such grade of potatoes which well boils soft.

2. Take potatoes and wash its baking plate with flowing water. Put a pan with water on fire. Meanwhile rind with potatoes a thin layer and put clean tubers in a bowl with cold water.

3. Cut potatoes on identical pieces. It becomes that it cooked evenly and quicker. Potatoes in the boiling added some salt water are put. You cook until ready on average fire. Readiness is checked by a sharp knife.

4. Drain water in which potatoes in a separate bowl cooked. Pound potatoes. Add a little drained water. Continue to shake up a wooden spoon, enriching puree with air.

5. Warm up milk together with a desi. It is possible to replace milk with cream. Pour in puree and well mix. Puree is ready, but it is possible to make it even more tasty. For this purpose roast small chopped onions on a desi. Add it to ready puree.

6. Serve puree with melkorubleny fennel! Enjoy this remarkable taste!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team