How to make tasty shawarma home-style

How to make tasty shawarma home-style

Shawarma is rather simple dish in preparation which can be used both as having a snack, and in the form of a full-fledged element of any table. It is easy to find ingredients which will be necessary for its preparation practically in each shop. To make shawarma only several minutes of your time are required. The main thing in this case is only sleight of hand and basic culinary skills.

It is required to you

  • - Armenian lavash
  • - chicken breast
  • - tomatoes
  • - cucumbers
  • - Korean carrot
  • - ketchup
  • - mayonnaise
  • - lettuce leaves
  • - salt and pepper to taste


1. We take the Armenian lavash, we cut off necessary quantity. Then we grease it with the following sauce: we mix 2 spoons of mayonnaise and 1 spoon of ketchup, we add a little salt. Evenly we distribute the received mix on a lavash, avoiding excessive aquosity.

2. We cut tomatoes and cucumbers. It is the best of all to poshinkovat cucumbers cubes, and tomatoes – small segments. Further we spread cucumber and tomato salad on the Armenian lavash, distributing it below in the middle.

3. Further we take the Korean carrots and also we spread on a lavash to the same place where there are cucumbers and tomatoes. We add a little mayonnaise for more rich taste.

4. Then we spread small cut chicken breast. Previously it needs to be boiled, cooled and cut into cubes or to tear into small pieces hands. For more nourishing shawarma it is possible also to fry thoroughly meat.

5. Over all ingredients it is necessary to put several lettuce leaves. It will make taste more saturated and natural.

6. All ingredients are laid out on a lavash, it was necessary only to twirl shawarma and to roast edges a little. To inwrap our dish, at first we bend the left and right edge of shawarma, then we begin to twist it from below. Further it is necessary to put shawarma on in advance warmed frying pan, and first of all it is necessary to fry thoroughly slightly the place of a joint that the dish didn't collapse further. When one party burned a little, we overturn on another. Then we remove a lavash from an oven, we allow to cool down a little. It is possible to give as well as in pure form, and with various sauces and greens.

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