How to make vinegar

How to make vinegar

Apple cider vinegar with an ulterior motive enjoys so wide popularity. Its nutritious and rich taste makes him the irreplaceable assistant in kitchen, and unique characteristics turn it into exclusive means for use in the cosmetic purposes. 

In the world more than hundred grades of vinegar are known, besides some of them are stored as expensive cognacs or wine. The price of such vinegar isn't less than the price for expensive drink. However we consider that you shouldn't go into extremes especially as the most practical way is preparation of vinegar of the house. Agree, and advantage of it will be more, and it will cost much cheaper.

As is well-known vinegar is nothing else as sour wine. Therefore everything that is suitable for production of wine, will be suitable also for production of vinegar. For example, you can use apples, rice, oats, honey or berries. Make vinegar in house conditions rather simply, for this purpose you need to have several ingredients near at hand and to stock up with patience.

It is wrong to consider that the old wine will turn into vinegar over time. Remember that over time the opened wine just begins to spoil besides to make vinegar it is worth adhering absolutely to other recipe. However too it is possible to make vinegar of spoiled wine. To receive vinegar mix spoiled wine with 2 parts of apple cider vinegar. Pour the received mix in a bottle and seal it, having placed in the dark place. It is possible to diversify taste of vinegar by means of mint, a magnolia vine or with addition in mix of several cherries. 

If in the house there is no spoiled wine, and you want to make apple cider vinegar, then it is worth adhering to other recipe. Take the overripe or fallen from a tree apples and carefully wash them. Cut apples into small pieces, and then by means of the meat grinder crush. Shift the received mix in the enameled pan and add to it hot water. Time to add sugar came. Use 50 grams of sugar for addition in vinegar from sweet apples and 100 grams of sugar for preparation of vinegar from apples of sour grades. Place capacity with contents in the warm place, however avoid hit of sunshine on it. Don't forget to mix daily turned-out mix. After two - three weeks filter liquid through a gauze, and pour in big tanks for further fermentation. Leave distance from edge in 5-7 centimeters for a skin. Vinegar has to infuse on an extent of two weeks. After vinegar is ready, place it in bottles, a zakuporta and put to the dark, cool place.

In the cosmetic purposes apple cider vinegar can be used for prevention and treatment of cellulitis and extensions. For this purpose it is necessary to part 2 tablespoons of vinegar in a glass of cold water and to pound this solution problem places, at the same time massing them hands. Apple cider vinegar is applied as well to strengthening of hair. For this purpose it is necessary to part 1/3 cups of apple cider vinegar in 3 cups of warm water and after washing of hair to rinse hair with this solution.

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