How to make water

How to make water

It is possible to make water practically of any substance, especially organic. However to receive drinking water without use of any difficult installations, chemical reactions and units, it is necessary to be limited to air, the soil and snow.

It is required to you

  • Shovel
  • Polyethylene film
  • Capacity for collecting water
  • Stones


1. It is possible to extract water from the soil even in the most droughty areas of Earth though, of course, it will be more difficult to make it. In order that capacity for collecting water, a polyethylene film, a shovel and a couple of hours of the strengthened work is required to make water of the earth. First of all it is necessary to dig out a hole from 0.5 to 1 meter in depth in the earth. In the center of a hole to put capacity for collecting water, and to cover a hole with a polyethylene film so that edges of a film densely adjoined to edges of a hole, without gaps and cracks. It is convenient to press down edges of a film stones or any other heavy objects. It is the simplest to make water of the earth in the morning when the sun only begins to heat the soil. On an internal surface of a film there will be a condensate after a while. That condensate flew down directly in capacity, on the middle of a film from above it is worth putting a heavy subject so that the film caved in in a hole, and condensate dripped directly in capacity.

2. If it is possible to make water of the earth, but it is difficult, then it is much simpler to make water of snow. And melt water is considered also very useful. So it is possible to try to make water of snow in house conditions, without waiting for emergency situation in which these skills will be necessary for you. For receiving water from snow it is necessary to gather in the capacity of snow and densely to stamp it, and then to heat capacity on the gas or electric stove, in the sun or the battery of central heating. Very few water therefore at least it is necessary to get drunk not once to fill capacity with snow is formed of the concealing snow.

3. If it is possible to receive money from air also simply, as well as water from air – all in the world would be rich. Actually it is very simple to make water of air. This simple way still our far ancestors from Feodosiya received water from air. The essence of a method is that air anyway contains enough moisture which can be extracted by means of condensation, for example, on friable heaps of crushed stone. Temperature fluctuations between day and night time of day provide excellent condensation of moisture on the stones which are cooling down in a night, and to collect this moisture in capacity – a problem of a completely different sort.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team