How to make white glaze

How to make white glaze

Glazes in cookery use for decoration of cakes, cakes, Easter cakes. Almost all hostesses are able to do a chocolate cover. However Easter cakes, rum babas and some cakes according to the recipe need to be covered with white glaze. And do it already absolutely in a different way.

It is required to you

  • Sugar coating:
    • 300 g of sugar;
    • 100 g of water.
    • Proteinaceous glaze:
    • juice 0.5-1 lemons;
    • 1 glass of icing sugar;
    • 1 egg white.


1. For receiving sugar coating dissolve 300 g of sugar in water. Strongly heat the received solution. Remove the formed sugar foam. Cool glaze before solidification. As soon as weight thickens, smear it on pie. You can pour a little glaze in small molds - sweet jewelry will turn out.

2. For preparation of proteinaceous glaze pound until white don't beat) egg egg white with icing sugar. Squeeze out juice of a lemon. Gradually add juice in the white pounded with sugar.

3. Both types of glaze can be applied on pastries with a uniform layer by means of a scapula or a knife. If glaze quickly thickened and evenly it isn't possible to apply it, slightly kindle it.

4. At will you can tint white glazes natural colors. Yellow – from a lemon dried peel, orange or carrot juice. Green color turns out from spinach leaves, brown - from strong coffee, red and pink - from juice of cherry, strawberry, raspberry or beet.

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