How to measure with the help

How to measure with the help

The mention of how it is important to measure ingredients precisely often occurs in culinary recipes. And there are difficulties: the weight of loose products is specified in solid recipes, but near at hand there are no scales. Also, the amount of liquid is specified in units of volume, but there is no house measured capacity for liquids. Meanwhile, for example, in preparation of the test it is very important to observe an exact ratio of dry ingredients and liquid to achieve desirable result. In recipes from friends, acquaintances, relatives, as a rule, all quantities are given in cups, spoons, pinches, etc., at the same time dishes at them turn out greatly. It is worth to remember - scales and measures replace with it long experience and skill. If you are going to cook a dish for the first time, knowledge of measures and scales can be useful very much.

It is required to you

  • - thin-walled glass,
  • - tablespoon,
  • - teaspoon,
  • - medical syringe,
  • - food wrap,
  • - sunflower or olive oil.


1. Take a thin-walled glass, a spoon fill in it flour to the brim, edge of a knife or a rake level a surface and remove surplus. You measured 160 g of flour. The full glass contains 200 g of sugar, 190 g of granulated sugar, 325 g of salt, 200 g of buckwheat, 200 g of semolina, 130 g of ground crackers, 100 g of oat-flakes, 230 g of rice, 220 g of haricot, 230 g of split peas.

2. Take a tablespoon, scoop flour, edge of a knife level a surface, you have 25 g of flour. The tablespoon contains 25 g of sugar, 30 g of salt, 15 g of ground crackers, 25 g of buckwheat, 12 g of oat-flakes, 25 g of semolina, 25 g of rice, 30 g of haricot, 25 g of split peas. If to you it is necessary to measure of 10 g of flour, 10 g of granulated sugar, 10 g of salt, repeat the same operation with a teaspoon.

3. Measure butter by means of marks in a pack (marks with the indication of grams in packing). If they are not on packing, measure oil as any soft product, by means of a glass. Previously place food wrap in a glass, fill it with oil so that he was stout, without air layers (the full glass contains 210 g of butter), then remove oil from a glass together with a film.

4. Measure liquid products and ingredients by means of a thin-walled glass. It contains 250 g of water, milk, cream, 10% sour cream, curdled milk.

5. Measure berries by means of a thin glass. The full glass contains 140 g of cowberry, 260 g of blueberry, 190 g of blackberry, 145 g of a cranberry, 210 g of a gooseberry, 180 g of raspberry, 175 g of red currant, 155 g of blackcurrant, 200 g of bilberry.

6. Measure very small amounts of liquid ingredients by means of the medical syringe. The smallest them them, of 1 ml, allow to measure with an accuracy of 0.01 ml.

7. Measure sticky products (honey, treacle) by means of a glass. Previously oil a glass sunflower or olive. The thin glass contains 325 g of honey.

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