How to paint eggs by Easter

How to paint eggs by Easter

The tradition to paint eggs for Easter contains many centuries, but also now it is impossible to imagine an easter table without colored eggs. Eventually the set of ways of their coloring was invented.

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1. Simpler and most cheaper to paint eggs with an onions peel, but it is necessary to stock up with it beforehand. Fill in a peel with cold water, bring to the boil and you cook 30-60 minutes. Let's broth infuse and will cool down, then lower in it previously washed up eggs. You boil within 10 minutes, then drench eggs with cold water that they were well peeled. It is possible to achieve bigger intensity of coloring, having again shipped them in peel broth at several o'clock.

2. It is possible to use also simpler recipe: wet an onions peel in cold water, lower eggs there, sustain several hours, and then weld everything together within 15 minutes.

3. To receive unusual coloring, take multi-colored embroidery floss and wind with them eggs, you boil 10-15 minutes.

4. Different flowers of coloring can achieve by means of vegetables, fruit, berries and other products. For example, yellow color to eggs will be given by a walnut shell, pink – beet and bilberry, green – spinach, light yellow – orange or carrots, blue – a red cabbage, golden – a turmeric. Such coloring can be received as follows: put eggs in a pan, fill in with cold water, add 1 teaspoon of a table vinegar and you boil 15 minutes with the corresponding product.

5. Special food colors usually are a part of Easter sets. To paint eggs with their help, part every color with water, add on 1 tablespoon of vinegar and lower boiled eggs in solution. Duration of soaking depends on what intensity of coloring you want to receive.

6. Also it is possible to apply various patterns on eggs. Before coloring wind them with usual threads which form stains on a shell. It is possible to roll in wet eggs in long-grain rice or millet, to inwrap in a gauze and to paint. Besides, it is possible to receive the drawing if to tie to egg of a branch of fennel, parsley or to put droplets of vegetable oil, and then to lower in the painting solution.

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