How to pickle onions

How to pickle onions

Without onions it is difficult to imagine the first and second courses and also the majority of salads. It is added to food both fresh, and prepared in various ways. The pickled onion is good to the fried meat, herring and as independent snack. Often decorate with it salads. Choose any option of preparation of a pickled onion for the dishes.

It is required to you

  • The I option:
    • onions - 1 big bulb;
    • apple cider vinegar - 2-3 tablespoons;
    • tomato juice - 1/2 glasses;
    • salt - to taste;
    • black sprinkling pepper - to taste.
    • The II option:
    • onions - 2 big bulbs;
    • vinegar of 9% - 1/2 glasses;
    • water - 1 glass;
    • sugar - to taste;
    • salt - to taste.
    • The III option:
    • onions small - bank of 0.5 l;
    • vinegar of 9% - 1 glass;
    • water - 1 glass;
    • sugar - 1 tablespoon:
    • salt - 1/2 teaspoons;
    • bay leaf - 1-2 leaves;
    • allspice - several peas;
    • carnation - 2 pieces.


1. To the I variantnarezhta the cleaned bulb half rings, you remember a little that onions gave juice. Then water with apple cider vinegar, salt also a black pepper.

2. Fill in the prepared onions with tomato juice and let's stand 15-20 minutes. The onions pickled in such a way are served to the fried meat, especially by tasty - with mutton.

3. To the II variantochistita also cut onions half rings. Mix water, salt and sugar and boil, at the end add vinegar.

4. Fill in with a warm marinade onions and leave before cooling, having covered. Lay out a pickled onion on herring and water with a little vegetable oil, it can be eaten at any time and in any place, without being afraid of a sharp aroma from a mouth. You can store a pickled onion in the fridge. It is also well combined with meat.

5. To the III variantprigotovta pickled onion for the future. Clean small onion sets and lay in bank. Make marinade from water, salt, sugar and spices, at the end add vinegar, fill in boiling in bank.

6. Leave for 10 minutes and merge, then repeatedly boil marinade and fill in onions again. Repeat the third time and twirl to bank. You can deliver after the first filling to bank with onions on pasteurization in a pan with hot water for 10 minutes then twirl. It is possible to decorate with such pickled onion any meat dish or salad. There are also alcoholic cocktails which give with such juicy snack.

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