How to plan the menu for a week

How to plan the menu for a week

Planning of the menu — one of the first steps to optimization of life and the budget. The foreign systems, for example, of FlyLady, intelligibly describe advantages of week planning, however our compatriots don't seek to simplify to themselves life, preferring habitual way. "It is boring to plan for the week ahead, long, difficult and senselessly — all the same it is necessary to buy semi-finished products at the last minute. My husband won't eat it" — the Post-Soviet hostesses who swam away a fat on favourite pasta and pelmeshka say. This article will convince you of the return, lovely ladies and also will help to make the first menu.

Why to plan the menu?

  • To prepare with pleasure.
  • That necessary products were always at home in the necessary quantity.
  • That the family ate healthy and fresh food.
  • Not to overeat.
  • To optimize expenses on food.

Step-by-step planning of the menu for all family

  • List favourite products and dishes of house and choose from them those which can be prepared often without big expenses.
  • Make the list of 3-5 breakfasts, lunches and dinners. If you got used to have dinner outdoors, determine the approximate sum of daily expenses. Over time you are accustomed to take a lunch, but for beginners it is quite difficult step.
  • Choose the new simple recipe to test it on the weekend.
  • Write down all necessary ingredients for preparation chosen for a week. Check what supplies you already have what need to be bought in addition. Optimize the chosen recipes according to seasonal availability of products.
  • Don't forget to budget expenses on healthy having a snack — fruit, berries, seeds and nuts and also daily costs of bread and dairy products.
  • Hang up the menu on the fridge and enjoy organized life!

Councils for beginners who will save from a stress

  • Making the first menu, forget about perfectionism and send far away the culinary websites. Use habitual recipes, without trying to outdo the best restaurants of the city. If you really like to cook according to new recipes, introduce no more than one-two dishes a week.
  • Quickly to make the menu, divide a leaf into three columns. In the first enter groceries, in the second — meat, a bird or fish, in the third — vegetables and additional ingredients. This hint will allow you to combine the same products in new dishes.
  • Instead of buying exotic import products, diversify ways of preparation of habitual ingredients. Porridge can be made on water, milk and broth, on a plate, in pots, in the multicooker and the microwave. Porridge is quite good in itself, but it can be diversified, having added pieces of vegetables, mushrooms, koreniye. Various gravies and sauces will also make the daily menu more interesting.
  • First it will be difficult to you to get rid of a junk food — sausages, sausages, canned food, chips, candies, food to order, the packaged juice and sparkling water. However, minimizing consumption of such products to 1 time a week, and then and in a month, you will preserve not only the family budget, but also health. You are accustomed to prepare semi-finished products independently from ingredients known to you and also to pay attention to structure and quality of products which you buy in supermarkets and in the markets.

Personal experience

On a breakfast perfectly there are milk porridges, omelets and sandwiches. If there is no time to prepare absolutely (we with lyubimky often sit up behind work late), it is possible to drink a glass of protein cocktail or to have a bite fruit (2 apples or banana — a great breakfast for those who keep a figure).

The lunch and dinner are often identical — I spotted this reception in the book "90 days of separate food". Such way allows to spend less time for cooking. The portion for dinner has twice less than lunch. I cook soups twice a week, in the rest of the time I combine garnishes with meat, chicken or fish. The most popular dishes for lunch and a dinner — Chile, the baked chicken legs with porridge, spaghetti with chops, Japanese a curry, vegetable stews, chicken broths with noodles.

Besides hot dishes, for lunch and a dinner surely I cook salad from a fresh seasonal vegetables. Difficult recipes aren't necessary: the less ingredients in structure, the better. In the winter not bad there are dainties: sauerkraut, the Korean salads (certainly, a home cooking), in the spring — chopped greens with hard boiled egg, in the fall — radish and pumpkin.

We have a bite either fruit, or tea. Once a week I bake some simple cake or I fry pancakes.

I want to note that for a year of application of such system I got rid of 15 kg at the minimum physical activities and could move to the city of the dream at last. If I managed it, the fat woman without the higher education, then at you especially it will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team