How to prepare a carp in a foil

How to prepare a carp in a foil

Carp – one of the most tasty freshwater fishes. Differs in low-fat, gentle meat with pleasant sweetish smack, but at it is considered bony. The carp is suitable for preparation in various ways, but especially juicy and gentle meat turns out in a foil. Thanks to it fish also keeps the most part of the useful substances which are contained in it.

It is required to you

  • - carp;
  • - vegetables;
  • - lemon;
  • - olive oil;
  • - salt and spices;
  • - fresh greens;
  • - natural unsweetened yoghourt.


1. Correctly chosen carp – pledge of a tasty and useful dish. Buying a small fish, be guided first of all by its freshness. If there is such opportunity, buy a live carp which at you will be caught from an aquarium or a tank. Choose the most active. If fish is on a counter without water, check that her eyes weren't hazy, gills had bright pink or burgundy color and weren't bound together, and skin has to be covered with a uniform layer of slime, without a large amount of blood. Remember that old fish not only is capable will spoil taste of a dish, but also to do much harm to health.

2. Having bought frozen fish, give her time to thaw at the room temperature or in cold water. In the latter case she needs to be inwrapped previously in a package. Then cut on pieces as it is entirely better to bake only a fresh carp. Pay attention if meat too easily separates from bones – fish obviously semifresh so it is better not to risk the health.

3. If you bought a live carp, peel him from scales, gut, having made a longitudinal cut along all paunch and having taken out all entrails. If in fish there is a caviar, don't write off to throw out it, just bake together with a carcass. Then surely remove gills that the ready-to-eat meal didn't taste bitter, and only then properly wash a carp under cold flowing water. Pay also attention that it is necessary to wash it just before cooking. Otherwise it is better to leave to be stored in the fridge drawn, but not washed.

4. Make cross not deep cuts of a carcass of a carp on each side. It is necessary that meat well became impregnated with all seasonings. Mix together salt, pepper and seasonings for fish. As spices best of all will be suitable for the carp baked in a foil black ground and allspice, an oregano, an anise and a marjoram, bay leaf and a melissa will add fresh aroma, and the thyme and a turmeric will make taste of a dish more spicy.

5. Rub a small fish with the received mix outside and from within. Leave it to be pickled for half an hour. Peel carrots and grate. Small cut onions, and one bulb - rings. Salt carrots and the crushed onions, pepper and fry everything on olive oil. Stuff a carp with the fried vegetables.

6. On a leaf of a foil put a little onions cut by rings. Water it with a small amount of olive oil. Lay fish over onions. Remained put from above on fish. Inwrap a carp in a foil and put to be baked in an oven at a temperature of 200 wasps. Fry within 35 minutes. But in five minutes until ready skim a foil and let's a small fish be reddened. Sprinkle a ready carp when giving on a table lemon juice a little.

7. Bake in a foil of the carp stuffed with rice. For this purpose prepare fish in the way described above, salt, rub with spices to taste, water with juice of a half of a lemon and leave for 20 minutes at the room temperature. While the carcass is pickled, make a stuffing – boil rice to semi-readiness, mix it with the browned onions and carrots. Lay out fish on a leaf of a foil, fill it with the prepared mix, from above lay the tomato cut with circles on rice. Water with a small amount of olive oil and well inwrap a foil. Bake in the oven warmed up to 200 wasps within 30-40 minutes, depending on the size of a carp. According to this recipe the small fish will turn out with the garnish impregnated with juice at once.

8. Use also other vegetables when roasting a carp. Together with fish it will be good to be combined potatoes, an asparagus, paprika and tomatoes, a kohlrabi and a cauliflower. On time they will prepare as well as fish so will serve as a fine garnish. As a stuffing it is possible to use and булгур – this grain should be fried previously in a desi and to boil in water in a proportion 1:1.

9. As marinade be not afraid to use also white dry wine. It can easily be combined with lemon juice, a white or black sprinkling pepper, branches of fresh or dried mint, rosemary. It isn't necessary to maintain in it a carp long – enough 10 minutes. Just salt fish, put her on a foil at once, sprinkle juice of a half of a lemon and 50 ml of white wine, add some spice and a grass. Inwrap a foil, leave for 10 minutes, and then bake in an oven.

10. Very gentle the carp turns out also in yogurt sauce. For its preparation mix 3-4 tablespoons of a natural unsweetened yoghourt, 1 garlic glove which is passed through a press, a bunch of the crushed fresh fennel, 1 h a spoon of olive oil. Salt the carp who is washed up and dried by a napkin, properly cover with the made sauce, inwrap in a foil and leave for about 15 minutes to be kept waiting. Then prepare in an oven in the usual way. A ready carp shift to the dish decorated with greens and give to a table with lemon segments.

11. It is possible to prepare a carp in a foil and on a brazier. If fish quite large, cut her across on two or three parts, inwrap everyone in a foil, previously having sustained in lemon juice and spices of minutes 15. Surely track that the foil had no holes through which precious juice will flow. Put pieces of fish on a lattice and bake 15 minutes from each party. If you prepare a carp entirely, increase roasting duration up to 40 minutes.

12. To the fish prepared on a brazier it is possible to serve the boiled potatoes or purees baked on a lattice tomatoes, a paprika, mushrooms. Also any greens salad and a fresh vegetables for which prepare gas station from lemon juice, olive oil and Dijon mustard will be perfectly combined with a carp.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team