How to prepare a chocolate beverage from a kerob

How to prepare a chocolate beverage from a kerob

Chocolate can be cooked not only from cocoa, but also from an analog, more useful to health, - a kerob.

It is required to you

  • - кэроб - 1 - 2 tsp.
  • - water - 200 ml
  • - sugar (or girasol syrup) - to taste
  • - milk - 100 ml
  • or
  • - кэроб - 1 tsp.
  • - a vegetable milk - 300 ml
  • - honey (girasol syrup) - to taste


1. Кэроб - powder which is received by crunching of the dried-up carob tree pods. It is interesting that these fresh pods aren't suitable in food. The dried-up pods in the form of powder have high gustatory qualities and high nutritional value. On aroma and appearance кэроб reminds cocoa powder, but, unlike the last, possesses very sweet taste whereas cocoa powder on a bitter taste.

2. On sale it is possible to meet кэроб two types: fried and not fried. Fried, more dark color, with the expressed chocolate aroma, it is widely applied in confectionery business, acting as an alternative to cocoa powder. Cook cakes, cakes, creams and glazes with use of a kerob, even ordinary chocolate can be made without cocoa, having replaced its keroby. Also from a kerob it is possible to cook drinks: coffee with chocolate, a chocolate beverage (cocoa), hot chocolate. Not fried кэроб it is used for preparation of syroyedchesky desserts and drinks as such powder isn't exposed to heat treatment.

3. For preparation of a chocolate beverage it is enough to fill in кэроб with boiled water, to mix, add sugar or sweet syrup of a girasol to taste and milk. The people adhering to a rawism can regale on a chocolate beverage from a kerob too. Preparation of syroyedchesky cocoa will require a vegetable milk. This product can be prepared also in house conditions, but it is possible to find a ready vegetable milk in special shops. We will take one teaspoon of a kerob, we will mix with a small amount of a vegetable milk. This mix needs to allow to stand 5 - 10 minutes. We will add sweetener to taste and the remained milk.

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