How to prepare a paella

How to prepare a paella

The paella is primordially Spanish dish which gets the increasing distribution worldwide. A paella secret that at all variety rather just to cook a dish and it will be able to decorate any table and to please not only relatives, but also guests.

It is required to you

  • deep frying pan
    • 400 g of chicken fillet and seafood
    • glass of rice
    • oil for frying
    • saffron or turmeric
    • 2 bulbs
    • crushed by rings
    • 3 tomatoes
    • cut into cubes
    • salt


1. It is necessary to prepare for preparation of a paella in advance as the quantity of its component components is rather high. But the general requirement concerns not products, but ware in which they will prepare. Ideally the paella is extinguished on naked flame in a big frying pan. As in the conditions of the ordinary apartment to realize the recipe of a paella on naked flame rather difficult, it is necessary to get a thick-walled frying pan.

2. Often fans of tasty cookery have a question of how to prepare a paella with seafood. And so the answer to it is rather simple: the tasty paella turns out exactly thanks to a combination of tastes of a bird or meat to seafood. At first fry meat fillet, chicken, and onions most often undertakes. Seafood is boiled separately.

3. After the meat component of a dish is ready, add rice to a frying pan. From above it is filled in with that broth in which seafood cooked. There add a saffron or a turmeric (as cheaper substitute) then cook rice until ready. In some recipes it is recommended to add stewed tomatoes or couple of spoons of tomato sauce closer to the end of preparation. Rice at such preparation becomes not only golden at the expense of a saffron, but also a little pinkish. To preparation time add salt to taste. It is not the only recipe of how it is possible to prepare a paella. In their Spain there are several dozen. Sometimes combine not only a raw meat and seafood, but also smoked. Recipes of a paella on the basis of jamón also exist.

4. Preparation time varies within an hour, after frying of meat stew rice about 20-25 minutes to full readiness.

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