How to prepare a stroganina

How to prepare a stroganina

Stroganina can call a fresh-frozen fish. Generally this dish is widespread in the north. Give it usually to a table cut by shaving in the raw.

It is required to you

  • fish nelma (3 kg);
    • tomato paste (150 g);
    • garlic (3 zubk);
    • vinegar (30 g);
    • the black pepper (ground) (20 g).
    • Ware:
    • cut board;
    • knife;


1. Preparation of a stroganina really is big art. This fish is considered fatty and high-calorie. To learn tasty and quickly prepare a stroganin, it is necessary to train long. For giving of a stroganina on a plate usually put the sheet of paper on a table. It is considered that thanks to it fish remains longer frozen. Stroganina is stacked the hill and eat with hands. Give usually with salt, or with specially made sauce.

2. Take frozen fish, a cut board and a sharp knife.

3. Make an incision on a circle a skin of a nelma about the head and of the tail, previously having cut off fins.

4. Then cut with the sharp movement of a knife a skin on a big fish lengthways, on rather narrow strips.

5. After that remove strips all skin.

6. Put fish on a nose and, holding her for a tail, movements from top to down peel thin, almost transparent shavings from a carcass.

7. Take out shavings on a frost.

8. Take peel garlic and cut it on a cut board.

9. Then get a deep bowl, pour some tomato paste.

10. Add a sprinkling pepper to paste, it is a little vinegar and the cut garlic. Carefully mix.

11. Then from the street bring a stroganina. Dip it in the made sauce and eat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team