How to prepare bkhatur

How to prepare bkhatur

In article it is told about what is bkhatur and is given a recipe for this product

Bkhaturi – one of types of the Indian home-made pastries. Bkhaturi flat cakes will be suitable both for a daily family meal, and for festive stood – their aroma won't leave indifferent whom. The recipe for a bkhatura is rather simple, for the test it is required to you: Wheat flour (it is possible 50/50 with a coarse flour) – 400 grams, 1 tsp of baking soda, yogurt classical without filler – 1.5 glasses, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt, oil for roasting. Dough for a bkhatura is cooked so:

In capacity mix flour, sugar, soda and salt – everything is good to mix and add yogurt. From the received mix to make dough. It is necessary to pay attention to that dough didn't stick to hands. If in the course of a batch dough is to the touch dampish – it is necessary to add flour. After that it is necessary to moisten a few hands with oil and to continue to knead dough.

Then dough needs to be divided into several parts so that from everyone it was possible to roll a ball about 5 centimeters in the diameter. On a table to roll flat cakes about 15 centimeters in the diameter and to strew each Kalenji or white sesame. In to roll spice in dough (that it wasn't showered). In a deep pig-iron frying pan to warm oil. Ship the made flat cake in hot oil and fry to a golden crust from each party. Spread ready bkhatur on a paper towel that there surplus of oil was absorbed.

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