How to prepare бозбаш

How to prepare бозбаш

Bozbash – fat mutton soup, a favourite dish of adherents of Caucasian cuisine. Simple in preparation, this food perfectly is suitable as first course for any lunch or a dinner. There is a set of interpretations of the recipe of a classical bozbash.

Classical бозбаш prepares from the head of a ram, and the integral elements are chick-pea and chestnuts. Respectively, some ingredients are replaced with more available, and recipes for a bozbash there is great variety: summer and winter, Yerevan, sisiansky, Shusha new and Shusha old. At many recipes there is a chick-pea which needs to be wetted in a clear water in advance, it is better since evening, otherwise peas will remain rigid and won't be boiled thoroughly. Bozbash – quite fat dish, however in pork soup, for example, after all is more than fat.

Bozbash from mutton

To prepare sharp, saturated бозбаш, take:

- mutton – 500 grams; - potatoes – 500 grams; - chick-pea – 100 grams; - onions – 100 grams; - a capsicum – 100 grams; - melted butter – to taste; - greens – to taste; - salt – to taste.

At first it is necessary to wash out meat, to cut it on large pieces (approximately on 7 grams), to put in a pan and to fill in with cold water, then to add chick-pea and to put on fire. In one or one and a half hours it is necessary to add potatoes peeled and cut by segments to a pan, then – previously cut and browned onions and tomatoes. Bitter pepper needs to be fried entirely and to add to soup together with greens and seasonings. You cook soup about half an hour more on weak fire.

Bozbash from beef

Ingredients: - beef – 500 grams; - haricot pods – 250 grams; - onion – 2-3 pieces; - melted butter – 2 tablespoons; - eggplants – 2 pieces; - hot pepper – 2 pieces; - tomatoes – 5 pieces; - potatoes – 7 pieces; - parsley – to taste; - cilantro – to taste; - a basil – to taste; - fennel – to taste; - salt – to taste; - black pepper – to taste; - garlic – to taste. At first it is necessary to chop meat on small pieces. It is necessary to place meat, the pepper, onions cut by half rings in a big pan. To fill in everything with cold water, to put on a plate and to cook within an hour on weak fire. Potatoes need to be washed, peeled, cut on 4 parts and to place in a pan with broth. Then it is necessary to take tomatoes, to scald them boiled water to husk, and to wipe pulp through a sieve. Further it is necessary to cut small pieces eggplants, to salt them and to fry together with pods of pepper and the crushed green pods of young haricot. Put mix in soup, bring to the boil and, having removed a pan from fire, add the crushed fennel greens, cilantro, parsley, the basilica and to steam of davleny segments of garlic is a little. It is necessary to draw a ready-to-eat meal about 20 minutes.

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