How to prepare чурроЧуррос (churros) is a traditional Spanish pastries which is cooked from custard paste and give for breakfast. Before giving to a table чуррос generously strew with icing sugar or mix of fine granulated sugar and ground cinnamon. Also i

How to prepare чурроЧуррос (churros) is a traditional Spanish pastries which is cooked from custard paste and give for breakfast. Before giving to a table чуррос generously strew with icing sugar or mix of fine granulated sugar and ground cinnamon. Also i

Recipe of original jam from walnuts

Walnuts jam is very useful for an organism. It contains a lot of linoleic and oleic acid, PP, C vitamins, group B. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties, normalizes metabolism, improves work of intestines.

For preparation of jam it is necessary to choose only large green nuts without external defects having a gentle dairy and wax shell. To check quality, pierce a shell a toothpick. If it passed freely, nut can be used for preparation of jam. Ingredients for delicacy: 100 nuts in a milkstage, 2.25 kg of sugar, 500 g of lime (extinguished), 1 tablespoon of alum.

Weak water solution of lime is applied in the food industry as means of processing of vegetables, fruit, nuts before preparation of sweeties (jam, candied fruits, candies).

Peel nuts from a soft cover. Wet them for 2 days in cold water. Change water three times a day. After that merge it and make in nuts punctures in several places by means of a fork. Fill in hydrated lime with 5 liters and leave for 4 hours. Filter the settled water through a gauze which needs to be put in several layers. Fill in with lime water nuts, leave for 12 hours. Then merge solution, and wet nuts in cold water for 2 days. During this time it is necessary to replace water several times.

Dissolve alum in the hot water received by liquid fill in nuts for half an hour. Merge solution, and wet nuts in boiled water for half an hour. Prepare syrup, having taken 1 cup of sugar on 2 l. waters. Fill in with hot syrup the prepared nuts and leave for half an hour to become impregnated. Make the main syrup, having taken 2 kilograms of sugar and 0.5 l of water. Lower in it nuts, boil 15 minutes. Switch off fire and leave for 12 hours. Repeat this procedure three times. Wash and sterilize banks, spread out ready jam and close covers.

Walnut unripe nuts jam can be made the following method. Products: 1.2 kg of sugar, 1 kg of nuts, 1 lemon, 10 pieces to a gvozdikipodgotovta nuts. Weld syrup from water and sugar, add carnations, lemon juice. Fill in nuts, boil them 5 minutes and leave for an hour, then bring to the boil and you cook 5 min. Repeat the similar procedure three times. On the fourth time you cook jam until ready.

Pour jam hot on banks and roll up.

For preparation of jam from walnut unripe nuts in Armenian it is required: 400 ml of water, 100 pieces of green nuts, 1 kg of sugar, 10 g of cinnamon, 10 pieces of a carnation, 2 lemons. Make syrup, cool it. Put the prepared nuts, add lemon juice. Boil and leave for day. Repeat the procedure three times, and then you cook jam until nuts don't become soft. Spread out jam in the sterilized banks, fill in with the remained syrup, close covers. The following products in Bulgarian are necessary for preparation of jam from walnut unripe nuts: 1 kg of nuts, 10 g of citric acid, 1 kg of sugar, 1 cup of water. Prepare nuts, lower them in 0.5% solution of citric acid for 1 hour. Then lower them in boiled water for 4 min., and then in cold water for 10 min. Repeat this procedure of 7 times. Weld syrup from sugar and water, put nuts and you cook until ready. In 10 min. prior to the end of preparation pour citric acid. Package jam on banks and roll up it.

a dessert it is possible to make chocolate sauce.

It is required to you

  • For чуррос:
  • - 1 glass of wheat flour;
  • - 1 glass of drinking water;
  • - 100 g of a desi;
  • - 3 eggs;
  • - 1/4 h spoon of ground cinnamon;
  • - salt pinch.
  • For sauce:
  • - 200 g of dark chocolate;
  • - 250 ml of milk.
  • Besides:
  • - 500 ml of vegetable oil for hot fan;
  • - 2 tablespoons of icing sugar.


1. Mix the wheat flour sifted through a sieve and a ground cinnamon. Take a saucepan, pour in water and pour a pinch of small salt. Put oil, put on a plate and bring mix to the boil on moderate fire.

2. Remove a stewpan from fire, then accurately pour flour with cinnamon. Stir and give a little to cool down. Add one behind another eggs, mixing every time rather diligently. Eventually smooth dough of uniform consistence has to turn out.

3. Fill with the test big culinary корнетик with a ridge nozzle. In a frying pan with high boards or other suitable ware heat oil for hot fan. Squeeze out dough from a kornetik strips 5-10 cm long. It is also possible to do чуррос in the form of rings or spirals.

4. Fry чуррос till golden color. In a frying pan for once spread no more than 4 preparations that they were evenly fried and didn't stick together among themselves. Accurately get ready pastries a skimmer and lay out on the dish laid by paper towels. Leave until excess fat is absorbed.

5. Make chocolate sauce, for this purpose bring to the boil milk in a stewpan. Remove capacity from a plate, add polished chocolate and mix weight until it is dissolved completely. Чуррос powder with icing sugar, in addition serve sauce.

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