How to prepare gas station for a vegetable salad

How to prepare gas station for a vegetable salad

The most popular gas station for salads – usual mayonnaise, but it too high-calorie will also not bring to an organism any benefit. Actually, instead of it it is possible to use also other products. If to spend a little time, it is possible to prepare gas station which will ideally disclose taste of a vegetable salad.

Dishes from a fresh vegetables can be filled with wine, apple or balsam vinegar, lemon and orange juice, olive and sunflower oil, etc. In China since ancient times for this purpose use a soy-bean sauce, and Ancient Egypt added mix from vinegar to these dishes and vegetable oil.

The recipe of gas station with the Italian herbs

The Italian herbs will make salad of a fresh vegetables more fragrant and nasyshchenny. 50 ml of juice of a lemon, a black pepper, salt, 100 ml of olive oil and 1 tsp of the Italian herbs are required. To shake up everything (except oil) a nimbus, to pour in oil, it is also possible to add sweet mustard.

Sharp garlic gas station

This sauce will make any salad sharp and will impact it unusual aroma and relish. To make this gas station, 100 ml of kefir, 50 ml of sour cream, ½ heads of garlic, pepper and salt are required. Crush garlic, and then mix with other products to homogeneous mass.

Greek gas station

This gas station can be added not only to fresh vegetable salads, but also fish and meat. To fill 4 portions of vegetables, 1 garlic glove, ¼ tsps of sugar, 1 tsp of mustard, 2 tablespoons of wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon of juice of a lemon, 50 ml of olive oil, to taste of an oregano and basilicas is required. To shake up all ingredients (except oil) before formation of a skin, and then to accurately pour in oil.

Gas station with yogurt for greens salad

It is possible to fill with it any salads from a fresh vegetables: lettuce leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper and also greens. For preparation it is necessary to mix 100 ml of yogurt, 2 crushed garlic gloves, 1 tsp of juice of a lemon and spice to taste (a thyme, an oregano or cilantro).

It is important that dishes from a fresh vegetables entered a daily diet. And it is possible to diversify them by means of various seasonings, spices and gas stations.

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