How to prepare pease pudding with meat in the multicooker

How to prepare pease pudding with meat in the multicooker

Pease pudding with meat is very rich and rich dish. It is good as in itself, and as a garnish to fish or meat dishes. Usually pease pudding becomes long enough, but thanks to the multicooker all process significantly becomes simpler and accelerates.

About advantage of peas

Still long since peas formed the food basis at ordinary country people, in army and in the cities it was known and loved. It is rich with useful elements and substances. In particular, as a part of peas are present: lysine, tryptophane, cystine, methionine, group B vitamins, vitamin C, RR, starch, carotene, antioxidants and many other things.

Due to high content of useful elements and protein of a dish from peas are especially appreciated by athletes and people who are busy with hard physical work. In particular, pease pudding is food which perfectly restores forces, satisfies hunger, gives energy. Besides, it is very tasty and nutritive.

Recipe for pease pudding with meat in the multicooker

To make a tasty and rich dish, the following ingredients will be required: 1.5 glasses of dry peas, 3 glasses of warm boiled water, 200 g of mincemeat, 1 piece of onions, vegetable oil, seasonings, salt to taste. Dry split peas need to be washed out carefully. And then to wet in the water not very well cold or hot. Hostesses disagree is it necessary to do it before preparation of a dish. It is considered that the wetted peas have more saturated taste which is slightly reminding nuts. And also, if to kill him, he prepares much quicker. However to leave him or not for some time in water (till several o'clock) – the individual decision of each hostess. Then it is necessary to clean onions and small to cut it. Put in the bowl of the multicooker oiled vegetable and fry with mincemeat within 15-20 minutes. It is the best of all to do it on the Pastries mode. From a bowl with peas it is necessary to drain water (if it nevertheless was presoaked), and to put peas to the fried forcemeat with onions. Everything carefully to mix, add necessary spices, salt to taste. And to fill in all mix with warm boiled water. Depending on what the cooking mode will be chosen, pease pudding can be preparing of 20 minutes till 2 o'clock. As practically all multicookers differ from each other, it is better to specify this question in the maintenance instruction of the kitchen device. In the section "Kashi" there have to be recommendations concerning the mode of cooking of peas and also approximate preparation time. On the end of cooking peas need to be tasted on readiness. If it is a little harsh, then it is possible to bring it to the necessary standard on the mode "Heating" within 20-30 minutes.

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