How to prepare the fried fish

How to prepare the fried fish

There is a set of ways to prepare fish, beginning from fish soup and finishing with option with use of the double boiler. However most, probably, fast, light and, perhaps, the tasty way to prepare fish is to fry her. For frying it is the best of all to take fish more fatly that the dish didn't turn out dry.

It is required to you

  • fish;
    • flour;
    • white loaf;
    • eggs;
    • lemon;
    • vegetable oil;
    • salt;


1. Probably, the most ideal candidate for frying – som. The meat of this fatty fish which is especially made in batter turns out very gentle and tasty. Clean carcass of a catfish, as necessary draw, separate fillet from skin and bones and cut with medium-sized pieces.

2. From white loaf cut off a crust, cut its small into cubes, leave to dry up. Shake up 3 eggs, sift flour on a separate plate, mix it with salt and pepper.

3. Roll in pieces of som in flour, dip in eggs and bread in bread. Fry fish in previously warmed vegetable oil to a golden crust then get and before giving dry on a paper towel that excess oil flew down. In the same way it is possible to prepare "sea som" - a catfish.

4. Also fried steaks from salmons (a salmon, a trout, a salmon) are very good. Cut the prepared fish on thick steaks together with skin and bones. Salt each steak on both sides and slightly powder with a white pepper. Squeeze out lemon juice in a cup.

5. Grease the warmed frying pan (best of all – with non-stick coating) vegetable oil by means of a culinary brush. Quickly fry fish on both sides to a light golden and ruddy crust.

6. Pour into a frying pan a little water and lemon juice. If desired it is also possible to add a soy-bean sauce, but keep in mind that it will affect color of ready fish. Make the minimum fire, close a frying pan a cover and finish fish until ready (about 20 minutes). It shouldn't be roasted strongly – if it occurs, it makes sense to turn fish once again.

7. Serve a fried salmon a slice of a lemon and give with French fries or boiled rice.

8. Besides, a fried sazan or a carp are very tasty. Cut fish, separate fillet and cut it on pieces. If fish small, then makes sense to cut her together with skin and bones.

9. On a plate sift flour and mix it with salt and pepper. Roll in pieces of fish in flour.

10. Warm vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry in it the breaded pieces of a sazan. Oils is necessary much – the sazan has to be fried practically in hot fan.

11. Serve fish, having watered with her oil in which she prepared. As a garnish it is possible to prepare a fried potatoes or friable buckwheat cereal. Also together with a fried sazan serve pickles, sauerkraut or cabbage salad.

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