How to prepare wine spirit

How to prepare wine spirit

Ethanol or ethyl alcohol are called still wine or food. This transparent liquid found broad application in the national economy. Wine spirit is used at production of alcoholic products, medicines, for conservation of fruits in a household, etc. It is possible to make this wonderful liquid in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • Yeast
    • starch-containing or sacchariferous products
    • water
    • iodine or indicator paper
    • charcoal
    • potassium permanganate
    • devices for determination of fortress and temperature, devices for distillation.


1. At first it is necessary to make malt. It is the longest on time and an important stage. For preparation of malt it is necessary to select, clean and sort grain (wheat, a millet, a rye, barley, oats). Then grain to wet and raise. Process of a prorashchivaniye to last about 10 days though the rye and a millet sprout for 4-6 days. Germination is considered good result: if grain didn't change the color, sprouts green, have an appearance of a krausen and connect among themselves, malt possesses a pleasant cucumber odor. Malt can be dried and stored in the closed ware.

2. Processing of sugar - or starch-containing raw materials (preparation of the main jam) When processing sacchariferous raw materials, for example, of a sugar beet will be the next stage, the sweet wort turns out. The purpose of processing of starch-containing raw materials (potatoes) – destarching from cages and its dissolution in water. It is simpler to use fruit or berry juices. It is necessary to pasteurize, filter, cool and leave them to be fermented.

3. The necessary component for preparation of alcohol from starch-containing products - a malted milk. It is necessary for an osakharivaniye of starched raw materials. Crush and mix malt with water.

4. For receiving the main jam it is necessary to mix a malted milk with water, starched weight and to heat to 58 °C, continuously stirring slowly. To control process of an osakharivaniye an iodine test (in the presence of starch color of weight changes). Check a sweet wort for acidity indicator paper, it has to be subacidic. To add yeast to a ready jam and to leave to be fermented.

5. In the course of fermentation the taste of a distillers' beer changes from sweet to bitterly - sour. Container with distiller's beer densely shouldn't be closed. Process happens about allocation of temperature and foam texturization. Fermentation is considered finished when foam accumulates, will appear bitterly - sour taste. On average process takes 6-7 days. Content of alcohol has to be not less than 10%.

6. The alcohol liquid of high concentration turns out at distillation. This process is carried out several times, controlling a boiling point at first of a distillers' beer, then spirit distillation (at further distillation).

7. The final stage – rectification (cleaning). Before cleaning at crude alcohol to check reaction of the environment and content of alcohol. If acidic environment, then it has to be neutralized addition of calcic soda. Only after that to start purification of alcohol with water solution with potassium permanganate, i.e. potassium permanganate. After clarification solution to filter and start fractional distillation. The received second fraction (food alcohol) should be subjected one more cleaning with charcoal. After several filtrations, alcohol is ready.

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