How to preserve mixed vegetables

How to preserve mixed vegetables

Conservation allows to store products within 2-3 years therefore it is one of the most widespread ways of preparation of vegetables and fruit. Tinned vegetables can be used in preparation of various dishes or to use as independent snack.

It is required to you

  • For the Kitchen garden mixed vegetables (on 1 3-liter jar):
    • — 1 small squash;
    • — 1/2 bush pumpkins;
    • — 3 — 5 cucumbers;
    • — 3 — 5 tomatoes;
    • — 1 large bolgasky pepper;
    • — 100 g of a cauliflower;
    • — 1/2 carrots;
    • — 1 bulb;
    • — 4 segments of garlic;
    • — 0.5 glasses of 5% vinegar;
    • — 4 tablespoons of sugar;
    • — 2 tablespoons of salt;
    • — 3 butonchik of a carnation;
    • — 2 bay leaves;
    • — 2 umbrellas of fennel;
    • — 10 peas of a black pepper.
    • For Mixed Vegetables salad:
    • — 1 kg of tomatoes;
    • — 1 kg of a young white cabbage;
    • — 600 g of beet;
    • — 400 g of paprika;
    • — 2 big bulbs;
    • — 3 heads of garlic;
    • — 1 glass of vegetable oil;
    • — 1 h spoon of acetic essence;
    • — 1 h sugar spoon;
    • — 1 tablespoon of salt.


1. Kitchen garden mixed vegetables. Wash up all vegetables. Clean a squash from a thin skin and cut circles. Cut a half of a bush pumpkin with segments. Scrape paprika seeds and cut on 4 parts along a pod. Cut carrots with circles. Divide a bulb into 4 parts. Clean garlic. Choose cucumbers and tomatoes for conservation of the small size. Sort a cauliflower on inflorescences.

2. Put on a bottom of the spice sterilized banks — bell pepper, bay leaf, carnation buds, fennel umbrellas. Lay the prepared vegetables so that bank it was completely filled to top. Pour sugar and salt. Pour in a half of a glass of vinegar. Fill in vegetables with boiled water.

3. Put cups in a big pan with the boiling water and leave on a water bath for 15 minutes. Twirl banks covers, turn top a bottom before full cooling and remove to the dark place.

4. Mixed vegetables salad. Wash out all vegetables and dry them. At sweet paprika remove a core with seeds. Cut pods pieces. Peel beet and cut with thin straws. On tomatoes make small cuts. Lower fruits in boiled water for a minute, and then pour cold water. Peel tomatoes from a thin skin and crush in puree the blender or wipe through a sieve.

5. Chop cabbage thin straws. Peel garlic and onions. Cut onions in cubes, small chop garlic. Warm 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry onions within 5-7 minutes till golden color. Pour garlic and you hold on fire still a couple of minutes.

6. Mix the cut vegetables and tomato puree. Fill in mix with the remained vegetable oil. Add sugar, salt and acetic essence. Put salad on fire, bring to the boil and you cook about half an hour on small fire.

7. Pour even more hotly mixed vegetables on the sterilized banks and densely close covers. You store salad in the cool place.

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