How to reduce weight after New Year's holidays

How to reduce weight after New Year's holidays

New Year's holidays remained behind, time after them passed enough, here only the gained kilograms don't want to leave in any way – the long feast which smoothly flowed from December in January affects. It is possible to lose weight quickly after New year, without exhausting an organism if to conform to certain rules and councils of nutritionists.

Liquid maximum to lose weight quickly and safely

Known fact: liquid helps to bring not only excess deposits of fat cells, but also noxious to health toxins out of an organism. In the winter when temperature outside the window doesn't indulge, special desire to drink cool water doesn't arise therefore it can be replaced with the warm poorly made green tea (without addition of sugar!). It is necessary to have tea in the portions and it is desirable for half an hour before meal and in 30-40 minutes after a meal. During fasting days it is better to refuse coffee, juice and carbonated drinks.

Vitamins for weight loss

New Year's holidays don't do without beer, wine or champagne. And alcohol is capable "wash away" the mass of vitamins from an organism and injure microflora. Weight loss whatever sparing it was a stress for an organism. It is worth stocking up with vitamins, minerals and complexes of lactobacilli which will help you not only to quickly lose weight after New Year's holidays, but also to remain at the same time in good mood and a tone.

Correct drawing up menu

Many mistakenly believe that after a New Year's feast with abundance of salads and other rich dishes it is necessary to arrange himself an express diet. But it is, again, a stress for an organism. You shouldn't reduce amount of habitual food – better to replace high-calorie products dietary. For example, mayonnaise is easily replaced with a natural yoghourt without additives, fried meat - steamed, cakes and cream cakes - appetizing fruit salads. Use seafood – they promote restoration of digestion and fast removal of slags that will also help to get rid of fat on a stomach and sides (namely there it accumulates after feasts).

Physical activity for combustion of fat

It is optional to exhaust itself with hour jogs in a frost and snow or work at full stretch in gym quickly to lose weight after New Year's holidays. This superfluous. But on the exercise bike in front of the TV you shouldn't refuse 15-20 minutes of work (if there is no exercise machine – jump on the place, you twist a hoop, swing a press, etc.). Don't forget also about morning exercises – it not only will help to normalize a figure, but also will present cheerfulness for all day. And cheerfulness and good mood – main the assistant in fight for return of symmetry after New Year's office parties and a family feast.

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