How to reel up the odometer

How to reel up the odometer

The odometer is a device which considers wheel turns; by means of it the distance passed by the vehicle is measured. They are electronic and mechanical. Process of changes of indications on the odometer of your car is the lawful procedure. But at sale of the car you have to specify that you made this procedure, otherwise you can be brought to criminal and civil responsibility.


1. Such service as adjustment of car mileage for various reasons can be necessary for almost each owner of the car. The reasons at everyone the. If on your car wheels of non-standard (bigger) diameter are established, then the quantity of turns changes, and the device already shows not a true run. When replacing the engine you need updating of indications too. In this case they are nullified.

2. To change indications of the odometer independently, remove the front panel, take out a priborka and disconnect wires. Disassemble the dashboard, take out the odometer and disassemble it. Before dismantling of the device remove an arrow. For this purpose accurately you take away it for the limiter. When it falls down, accurately pull it up, it has to be disconnected.

3. Remember in what situation you remove an arrow, in such situation you should insert it back. Having removed an arrow, accurately turn off a scale. Under a scale there are wheels on axes with figures. Slightly remove two axes from their seats. In the photo they are noted by red circles. An edge accurately cut off plastic flows that it was possible to take out an axis. Put indicators necessary to you and collect the odometer upside-down.

4. There is one more way of change of indications of the odometer. Disconnect an odometer rope, from the transmission. Connect it to an electric drill and rotate them in the opposite direction. After you reduce "run" to value necessary to you a rope establish into place.

5. In modern cars electronic odometers are used. To change indications of the electronic odometer correct information which is stored in electronic memory of the device. For this purpose change data of the odometer the arriving signals from the external generator of rectangular impulses which connect via the simple adapter. Or write down in memory of the odometer, new data, using the personal computer and the special program. But remember, it is difficult to wind a speedometer in house conditions therefore it is worth addressing in experts.

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