How to salt a pike perch

How to salt a pike perch

Salting is one of widespread ways of preservation of fish. As salt takes from it excess of moisture and interferes with reproduction of bacteria. This way allows to keep a product long time in an edible look. It is possible to salt practically any fish: sazan, bream, kutum, vobla, and other types. Often fishermen like to salt also a pike perch. Only it is important to follow at the same time a number of rules which will help to make it correctly.

It is required to you

  • 1 kg of a pike perch;
    • 150 g of salt;
    • bell pepper;
    • bay leaf to taste


1. At first it is necessary to prepare a pike perch for salting. For this purpose carefully wash out its baking plate a stream of cold water before slime disappearance.

2. Clean a washed fish from scales, draw all entrails. It is important not to damage bile at the same time. Otherwise fish will become bitter that will make her unsuitable for the use.

3. If a large fish, then it is necessary to make a cut on a back to avoid subsequently its damage.

4. Then wash away residues of scales and blood from a pike perch.

5. Take 150 grams of coarse table salt (it is possible to use sea). Rub carefully her all fish, paying special attention to gills and a section on a back (to these places fill up salt). It is better to use more salt, than to salt insufficiently (then it will definitely not deteriorate).

6. Lay the pike perch prepared thus belly upwards in a keg. Capacity has to be clean and without foreign smell. At the same time don't forget to season ranks with salt, peas and bay leaf. Spicery will impact to your fish unique relish. Most of all salt has to be in toppers.

7. Close a keg a wooden cover and put from above oppression.

8. It is necessary to salt a large fish in the cool place within 15 days, and small it is enough - from 4 to 5 days.

9. On the expiration of the specified time take out a pike perch, wash it with cold water from surplus of salt. Then suspend in the cool aired room and you dry.

10. If you don't love very salty pike perch, then before posting soak it in water (so far fish won't emerge).

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