How to salt a sprat

How to salt a sprat

Sprat - a small small fish from family seldy, going, generally on canned food. Is in waters of the Baltic Sea. This type of family of seldevy is useful at pregnancy. It contains many minerals. In particular, in a sprat there is a lot of iodine. Also fish is well acquired protein. A sprat it is recommended to eat for prevention of osteoporosis. It contains calcium and phosphorus. It is better to eat a sprat, as well as any fish – with vegetables. Also fish it is useful to eat at warmly - vascular diseases. The substances which are contained in a sprat slow down development of atherosclerosis.

It is required to you

  • sprat (1 kg);
    • salt (3 tablespoons);
    • black pepper (peas) - 4-5 pieces;
    • carnation (in buds) — 4-5 pieces;
    • ginger (ground; small pinch);
    • bay leaf (3-4 pieces).


1. Take a cup with water, lower in it fish and properly wash out.

2. Cut a sprat. Remove the head and an entrails.

3. Once again wash out a dressed fish. Let's water flow down.

4. Take spices, pound them not really small. Mix spices with salt.

5. Strew a sprat with pickling mix. Mix a sprat from below up.

6. Take the enameled bowl and shift in it fish.

7. Cover a sprat with a plate. From above put light cargo. Remove for a while in the fridge.

8. Get the prepared salty sprat in 12 hours. Fish is ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team