How to separate sugar from water

How to separate sugar from water

The only way of separation of sugar from water is its preparation in the course of sugar refining. Plants-sugar plants, i.e. the vegetables and fruit containing sucrose can be raw materials for receiving this product.

It is required to you

  • - the products containing sucrose;
  • - water;
  • - extinguished lime;
  • - carbon dioxide;
  • - fabric.


1. At an initial stage crush the prepared product to receive from it juice. Completely fill in the crushed product with water and boil thoroughly at a temperature of 70-72 degrees. At the lowered temperature the microbes which are available in the received solution are not killed and if to increase degrees, there is a softening of a product.

2. You cook mix of 45-60 minutes, constantly stirring slowly with her shovel, it is desirable wooden. At this time there is a process of transition of sugar of a product to water which becomes juice.

3. Such juice has dark color and a large amount of impurity. If does not get rid of dark coloring, sugar will turn out the same dark color. Evaporation of water at this stage will lead to receiving the crystals of sugar having a smell and taste of a product of which it was made (for example, beets).

4. The easiest way of purification of the received juice – use of extinguished CA(OH)2 lime. For this purpose warm up juice to 80-90 degrees and add lime, at the rate of 0.5 kg of lime on 10 liters of liquid. For the draft of lime miss through it CO2 carbon dioxide. Let solution stand, and then filter it.

5. Remove with method of evaporation from the purified juice a large amount of water. Best of all for this procedure approaches to bake, or it can be done on slow fire. It is impossible to bring solution to boiling at all.

6. In the course of evaporation, mix becomes more dense. Then it is possible to enter several kristallik of the icing sugar causing formation of new crystals into the received solution. Definition of time of input of icing sugar – very important and crucial moment. For its correct definition put a syrup drop between big and index fingers. If at their drawing apart thin thread was formed of sugar syrup, time is chosen correctly. On 10 liters of syrup 0.5 teaspoons of powder will be required.

7. You carry out further crystallization, continuously stirring slowly with a product and cooling it in the natural way. Thus, you made utfel in which there are about 7-10% of water, 50-60% of sugar and treacle.

8. Then separate sugar crystals from treacle. For this purpose put the received weight in fabric which ends tie into knot and suspend over ware. After treacle flows down, dry up the received sugar crystals.

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