How to smoke fat in house conditions

How to smoke fat in house conditions

Many love smoked fat. After the procedure of such processing, it develops a unique taste and aroma. Smoke has the preserving properties therefore the product long remains within 5-6 months. It is possible to smoke or salt fat in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • smoking shed
    • hooks for fat
    • capacity for salting
    • capacity for storage
    • firewood from deciduous breeds of trees
    • sawdust (from deciduous breeds)


1. At first it is necessary to salt fat. Densely season with its salt, and lay in capacity, having covered with fabric. If to close densely, then fat can get an unpleasant odor and deteriorate.

2. Fat quickly is salted - in 5-6 days it will be already ready. Wash out from surplus of salt and dry. You can put on hooks and suspend to the smoking shed.

3. It is better to smoke cold-process. When processing by smoke don't increase temperature more than 20-30 degrees.

4. The smoking shed becomes so: you construct a fire chamber, from it you dig a flue of 4-5 meters and you insert a pipe over which you establish capacity for smoking. It can be an iron barrel.

5. Fix fat in the smoking shed.

6. You smoke deciduous breeds of firewood and sawdust. Set fire to firewood on the one hand not to create high temperature. Put sawdust wet (previously wetted in water).

7. In two days, fat will be ready. For the night, you can stop smoking.

8. It is possible to store a product in a cellar, in wooden capacity or having suspended in linen bags.

9. Smoking differs in the hot way in the fact that temperature of smoke is increased to high marks. Smoke 50-60 minutes. Smoke-cured salty fat has a smaller period of storage therefore it is better to store it in the freezer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team