How to solve problems from the Unified State Examination in mathematics

How to solve problems from the Unified State Examination in mathematics

The Unified State Examination (USE) - the main form of passing final exams at school for all graduates of the Russian Federation. One of obligatory examinations is the examination in mathematics representing a complex of tasks from all sections of this subject. Knowledge of a way of the solution of tasks in mathematics will allow to get high points for examination.

It is required to you

  • Collection of tasks
  • Notebook
  • Pencil or handle


1. Define group to which the task belongs (tasks for work, the movement, percent or others). It will allow to define the direction and formulas of the solution of a task.

2. Define the unknown who will need to be included in the equation. Designate her for X. If it is several unknown sizes, then take a task question for X.

3. Make task model. Transfer all problems of action described by words in the text to mathematical formulas. Make mathematical formulas through X, specifying as any given action belongs to unknown characteristic.

4. Work out the equation, having included in it all actions which are interconnected with unknown characteristic. The unknown - X will be a result of this equation.

5. Solve the equation, having defined the unknown. As took a task question for the unknown - the answer to the question raised in a task will be a result of the decision.

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