How to solve problems of descriptive geometry

How to solve problems of descriptive geometry

Descriptive geometry - one of the most important objects in technical colleges. It is impossible to become the good engineer, without having learned to solve problems of descriptive geometry. The ability to read and create drawings, to work in editors of computer graphics can be gained independently, the main thing to receive a number of the major skills and to use them in practice.

It is required to you

  • The textbook on descriptive geometry, the environment of implementation of drawings (AutoCAD or the Compass 3D)


1. To learn to solve problems of descriptive geometry it is possible only at ability to correctly make epyur (drawing) on the available data. For this purpose you need to learn to note characteristic points on additional types. It is also very important to deal with the subject ""crossing of the planes"". Any plane on the drawing looks as one or several straight lines.

2. To note a characteristic point on the drawing, it is necessary to find crossing of two planes (in case of one projection it will look as crossing of straight lines). For each projection it should be noted all characteristic points.

3. Connection of characteristic points among themselves will be the following step. Usually it is required to find any characteristic point in tasks in descriptive geometry or to construct the third projection on two known (usually ask to complete a look ""at the left""). The most important stage during creation of an epyur is connection of points. For it we sign each point on one of projections with figure or a letter. Further after transfer of characteristic points subscribe each postponed point to other two projections the symbol corresponding to the initial point. Then we connect among themselves points on additional projections the same as they were connected on the set projection.

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