How to store honey in house conditions

How to store honey in house conditions

Honey – the real well of vitamins and nutrients. Useful properties of this natural and eco-friendly product are known for a long time. It promotes strengthening of immunity, helping an organism to cope with various infections and diseases. However to receive the maximum advantage from honey, it needs to be stored correctly.


1. Refuse use of a copper, iron and plastic storage container of honey. In the first two it can be oxidized because of availability of such metals as copper, zinc or lead. And in the last it will become candied much earlier, and at long-term storage in general can become hazardous to health, especially if to hold its baking plate direct sunshine and at high temperature.

2. Use for storage of honey ware from glass (it is desirable dark), ceramics or natural wood. In the latter case it is better to give preference to kegs from a beech, a cedar, a plane tree, a linden or a birch. The product in such container won't lose nutritive matters throughout long time, especially if it is hermetically closed - it is one more condition of the correct storage of honey. Ware from these materials will also promote maintaining weak body of a product for longer term.

3. Remove honey far away from direct sunshine, especially if it is stored in ware from glass – bright light destructively affects such product. It is the best of all to put it in a dark cool case or the basement. Ideal temperature for long-term storage of honey varies from 0 to +10os. At higher or low the product begins to lose slowly characteristic aroma, color and health giving qualities. However short time he is capable to sustain temperature to - 20 wasps. It is desirable that the humidity of air in a storage place of honey was 60-80%.

4. You hold honey far away from products with pronounced aroma as it perfectly absorbs smells, especially if contains in an untight container. It can't be stored near spices at all, and in the fridge – with a pickles. Naturally, it is necessary to hold it far away and from any chemicals.

5. Also you store honey in cells in glass, wooden or ceramic clean ware. Cut cells on small pieces, put in a container, densely close it and remove in a dark case or in the fridge on the top shelf.

6. Get honey from banks only a clean dry spoon, it is desirable ceramic or wooden. Though the mold in such product is never got, hit of moisture or other substances can accelerate its zasakharivaniye.

7. Eat crystallized honey without fears as a zasakharivaniye – natural process of change of this product that doesn't affect its useful properties in any way. For usability in pastries it can be kindled on a water bath, without bringing to the boil. But it is better to use the kindled product at once.

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