How to store onions

How to store onions

Onions are irreplaceable at preparation of different dishes and salads. After harvesting before many there is a question how it is correct to store onions? On this question there are many answers.


1. It is necessary to take care of preservation of a harvest of onions even when choosing a grade for landing. It is necessary to select grades which are long stored and also which well grow ripe in this area. The long safety is put in onions genetically. Onions which are based deeply and in which many solids and essential oils are best of all stored.

2. Also the safety of onions depends on an agrotechnology of its cultivation. From second decade of July, onions cease to be watered, all summer struggle with wreckers and don't overfeed with fertilizers at all. At the end of July a tops of vegetable at onions all has to lie. If the tops of vegetable doesn't lay down, it arrive, approximately by July 20.

3. Cleaning is made at the end of July, as a last resort, at the beginning of August. The onions harvest after cleaning is well dried and ripened.

4. After onions dried out and ripened, it is cut off, leaving an isthmus not less than 5 centimeters. Backs tear off. Pack only the clean, dry, well ripened onions for storage. The isthmus has to be obligatory for dry. Put onions in boxes and store in the room with a temperature from 0 to 18 degrees. The main thing that air temperature was stable and was indoors dry.

5. Some store onions, connecting it by a braid, but it is possible to store and just in the grid suspended in an underground. The tops of vegetable at the same time has to be dry. It has to be indoors cool and dry.

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