How to transfer kilobytes

How to transfer kilobytes

By and large all fantastic opportunities of computers are based only on recalculation of zero and units. All information in which processing they are engaged with a wild speed decays previously on these elementary units (zero or one) which can be measured in the binary system of calculation and to call "bats". For convenience of processing by the processor of the computer of a bat group eight pieces and this portion of information call "byte". Bytes, in turn, form big massifs which should be measured in kilobytes, megabytes, etc. But as in the basis of this hierarchy of dimensions those lie zero with unit of a binary system, and scaling of units of measure of information happens in a binary system too.


1. At first it is necessary to find out the principle of the transfer of kilobyte to byta, megabytes and other degrees of units of measure of amount of information. The dimension of one kilobyte is equal in a binary system to two in the tenth degree bytes. It means that in order that to translate kilobytes in bytes their quantity should be increased for 1024 (it and there are two in the tenth degree). And for recalculation of kilobytes in megabytes - on the contrary to divide for 1024. Etc.

2. Having understood the principle of scaling of units of measure of information, it is possible to pass to a practical side of a question. It is possible to transfer kilobytes, for example, to bytes by means of the ordinary calculator, the tabular editor or the Windows OS program calculator. If you use the Windows calculator, then it is necessary for its start in the main menu (on the Start-up button) to pass into the section "Programs", then into the subsection "Standard" and to click the Calculator point.

3. In the opened window of the calculator enter quantity kilobyte which is required to be counted. If it is necessary to convert kilobytes into bytes, then increase the entered number for 1024. And if on the contrary, in megabytes, then divide for 1024. If in gigabytes - divide the received result once again for 1024. Etc.

4. It is possible to use also online calculators. In this way of solving the task it is not required to multiply anything – to pass to the website providing such service enough, to enter number kilobytes and to choose in what units it is number it is necessary to convert. For example, on the website you receive the answer at once, even without pressing anything and without sending to the server.

5. Dealing with kilobytes and their derivatives, it is necessary to consider one essential circumstance. As the basic system of calculation at us is decimal, but not binary, under dimensions mega, a gigabyte, a Terra, etc. usually mean their decimal values. That is mega = ten in the sixth degree, a gigabyte = ten in the ninth, a Terra = ten in the twelfth degree, etc. These values are assigned in standards of the metric system of measurements and our domestic state standard specifications. Therefore each megabyte contains 1000 kilobyte according to state standard specification and 1024 kilobytes according to the binary system of calculation. In practical recalculations it should be considered. For example, buying the flash drive on which the producer specifies the volume of 4 gigabytes (in accordance with GOST), keep in mind that you will be able to contain on it no more than 3.73 gigabytes (4,294,967,296 bytes).

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