How to translate the binary file

How to translate the binary file

In the majority of digital devices the binary numeral system is used. Record of numbers in that case longer, but it considerably simplifies process of their storage and processing. Transfer number from a binary system to habitual to us decimal you can manually or automatically by means of software.

It is required to you

  • - calculator.


1. Write down on paper binary number in the standard way. The senior category has to be located on the right.

2. Write over younger category 1, over the following 2, then – 4, 8, 16, 32 and so on. As you see, each subsequent decimal number represents the doubled previous. Of course, if it is necessary to transfer to a decimal numeral system binary number with 5-6 categories, it is possible to carry out all calculations in mind here. If it is much more categories, you can use the calculator. Take [C] [2] [x] [=]. Now after each pressing on [=] the number will be multiplied by 2. If you have an excellent memory, you can for the future to learn all degrees of the two up to the twentieth (1048576) by heart.

3. Further increase each of the decimal numbers received in the previous step by binary figure which is located directly under it. Then put results. For example, you need to transfer number 1010101 to a decimal form. Calculations in this case will be such: 1*64+0*32+1*16+0*8+1*4+0*2+1*1 = 64+16+4+1 = 85. Thus, binary number 1010101 is equivalent to decimal number 85.

4. If you have a computer or the scientific calculator, you will be able to transfer numbers from one system to another without any problems. Start on the personal computer the standard Calculator program (for Windows), Kcalc or similar to it (for Linux). Then choose "The engineering mode", then Bin. Enter number, press Dec and immediately you will see result of the translation. If you have a scientific calculator compatible to Citizen SR-135, then it is necessary to press 2ndF (abbr. – second function), further Bin, then to enter binary number, again to press 2ndF and then Dec.

5. In case you use the file manager of DOS Navigator, select the Utilities item, then "Calculator". Enter number which needs to be transferred to a decimal numeral system, put on the end letter b (for example, 1010101b). Further at once you can read result in a line "the Form – Dec".

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