How to write fractional number

How to write fractional number

Fractional numbers in a form of record are divided into two groups, one of which is called fractions "ordinary", and another - "decimal". If with writing of decimal fractions in text documents of problems does not arise, then the procedure of placement in the text "two-storeyed" ordinary and mixed (a special case of ordinary) is a little more difficult. If for division of numerator and a denominator of a usual slash (/) it is not enough, then it is possible to resort to opportunities of the Microsoft Office Word word-processor.


1. Start Word and load into it the document into which it is required to insert the number or expression which is written down in a format of a common fraction. Find the necessary position in the text and install in it the cursor.

2. Go to the Insert tab of the menu of the word-processor and click on the Formula button placed in group of the Symbols teams. Pay attention that it is necessary to click on the button, but not on the tag of a drop-down list placed closely to it (on the right). "The designer of formulas" is in such a way started and the additional tab with such name on which control elements of this designer are placed is added to the menu. If all of you open a drop-down list of the Formula button, then and from it it is possible to start the designer, having chosen the line "Insert a New Formula" in a list bottom.

3. Press the Fraction button - it is placed on the first position in group of teams with the name of "Structure" on the Designer tab. This action causes the list containing nine options of writing of a common fraction on the screen. Some of them already have the most often used special symbols registered by default in numerator and a denominator. Choose the option suiting you in the greatest measure, and Word will place it in the created frame of a new formula.

4. Edit numerator and a denominator of the created fraction. The left top corner of a frame of the object containing your fraction is adjoined by a vertical rectangle with three points - by means of a mouse the fraction can be moved, moving an object for this rectangle. At need emergence subsequently to change fraction, it is enough to click on it that "The editor of formulas" joined.

5. In quoted tables of the symbols used by the computer there are signs which represent the simplest fractions. Their of everything three, and it is possible to insert these symbols the same as, for example, the sign of the copyright. There are several ways of an insert, most idle time from them is implemented so: enter the code of the necessary symbol and press a combination of the keys alt + x. By means of code 00BC it is possible to write fraction ¼, code 00BD places in the text fraction ½, and 00BE - ¾ (all letters in codes - Latin).

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