How to write in a chat with a color font

How to write in a chat with a color font

Chats – a part of a world wide web. They took strong positions in our life. Find adherents, friends in chats, share impressions, consult and advise. To a bowl of all young and lonely people occur among users of chats. How to be allocated in a chat, to draw attention to itself? For this purpose it is possible to use a graphic nickname (that is, the image instead of a habitual text nickname) or to make a color font.


1. All settings of a font are usually made in a private office the user (profile, a workshop). Look for the similar reference. Let's review an example of control of a color font on the example of several services of chats, popular in the circle of youth.

2. krovatka.ru1 chat. To the right of a form of input of messages find the Control button. Press it. 2. In the right frame of a chat the form of control of a nickname, personal data and color of a font to which you write will appear. 3. Choose your color or enter the HEX code of color.4 in the special column. In the bottom of a form of control press the Keep button.

3. chatovod.ru1 chats. In the top horizontal menu find the reference with the nickname. Having pressed it, you will be able to adjust characteristics of a profile, avatars, to introduce and change personal data.2. In a drop-down menu select My Settings item.3. Find the column "Colour of Messages". Press a color circle near it. You will see a palette. Choose color necessary for you. In the column the HEX code of color will appear. Color can be entered and manually. 4. Press the Keep Changes button.

4. bambooka1 chat. Under a form of input of messages find two colored buttons. Left is responsible for a peak color setting, right – the text. Press the right button. Choose right color by movement of a mouse. Unfortunately, it is impossible to enter the HEX code manually. 3. Press the Choose button. Control is complete.

5. mpchat.ru1 chats. As the set of differences in the interface which depend on the administrator and the web designer, the reference for management of a profile have chats of mpchat service can differ both by the name, and in location. Most often, it is called "Workshop", "My settings" or "Settings" and is located at the bottom of the page about a form of input of the text or above over the main frame of a chat. However happen a situation when it is located on the right or at the left. Press the button. Find the column "Control of Phrases" in the opened window. Here you can adjust the size and color of a font.3. Press a drop-down menu with a color palette and choose color necessary to you. It is possible to enter the HEX code manually. 4. Press the Keep button.

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