How without a thing to fry a chicken

How without a thing to fry a chicken

From chicken it is possible to prepare improbable quantity of various dishes. It is possible to fry her in hundreds of ways, with garlic, with sour cream, with tomato sauce, with champignons, with nuts, in wine. And even if in the house there is nothing – only chicken - it is possible to make chicken tasty and without a thing.

The first way – on salt

Except chicken, one more ingredient will be required. Namely – a semi-kilogram pack of salt. Wash up a carcass of a chicken, draw, remove all unnecessary parts and dry a towel or tissues. Then cut chicken. But not a traditional way – on a breast, and on a back. On a breast to cut is easier and more habitual, but if to cut it on a back, the carcass will be fried thoroughly more evenly and breast meat which usually leaves dryish will be more juicy.

The cut chicken once again get wet with napkins – the carcass has to be dry. At this time warm an oven to 180oc. Get a baking tray, lay on it paper (special parchment for pastries is better, but any dense paper will approach). Then on paper fill salt half a kilogram so that the mound of salt was just by the size of a carcass of a chicken.

Lay chicken on salt a breast (section) down and bake in an oven exactly an hour. In an hour the chicken will blush and will be ready. At this way, except lack of complex and expensive ingredients, if one more advantage. The chicken prepared in such a way will never burn, won't be crude, put too much salt or unsalted (meat will take salts so much how many it is necessary). The ready-to-eat meal will have a delightful smell, a delicate juicy flavor and a beautiful ruddy crust.

The second way – on a bottle

Too a little salt will be required. Any other ingredients, only stock. It ideally has to be the Soviet milk bottle with a wide throat. But if such in economy isn't present, it is possible to use a usual beer bottle the capacity of half of liter or a high glass jar. Only don't forget to remove all labels from a bottle and to carefully wash all places to which the label was pasted, having removed residues of glue. The carcass of a chicken is prepared just as in the first recipe. If the chicken was frozen, it needs to be defrozen previously, and then to draw, wash up, dry and to leave whole (not to cut). The chicken needs to be rubbed with salt inside and outside. Previously to warm an oven to +200os. It is option not of just roast chicken, but chicken a grill. Water to top is poured into a bottle or to bank. From above the carcass of a chicken is got on a neck of a bottle so that the bottom of a bottle looked out from under a carcass on 4-5 centimeters. All this construction goes to an oven and 35 minutes are fried there. This way is good the fact that the chicken prepares quickly. Water in a bottle doesn't allow it to burn. And meat turns out juicy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team