In what drinks there is a lot of caffeine

In what drinks there is a lot of caffeine

Caffeine is a popular natural stimulator. He helps to wake up, intensifies intellectual processes, gives to cheerfulness. However in unlimited quantities the use of a stimulator can be dangerous to an organism. Knowledge in what drinks there is a lot of caffeine, will allow to regulate its receipt.


1. In large numbers caffeine contains in coffee. The stimulator was also brought out of these grains at the beginning of the 19th century by the scientist Friedrich Runge. However the amount of caffeine depends both on a way of preparation of drink, and on the chosen grade.

2. Two grades of coffee are the most popular in the world: arabica coffee and robusta. The last differs in very high content of caffeine - up to 200 mg on 170 g. In arabica coffee it is two-three times less. Delusion is the opinion that than nasyshchenny the taste of coffee, is higher in it caffeine level there. However the drinks made by means of a cezve or the coffee maker possess the brightest flavoring shades. In them not really there is a lot of caffeine, the element is allocated gradually, and its quantity directly depends on duration of contact of a product with boiled water. Therefore the drinks infused on ground coffee contain most of all stimulator.

3. Caffeine contains also in tea. After consumption of this drink the stimulating influence will be less expressed, but more enduring. Such effect has tea thanks to the tannins which are a part. It is possible to determine tea saturation by caffeine by a drink shade: than it more intensively, more element was allocated to those. On average, one cup of a black product contains 40 mg of a stimulator, green – 30 mg.

4. Hot chocolate and cocoa also contain caffeine (about 40-50 mg). However its action is practically neutralized at addition of milk and sugar. In such "commonwealth", caffeine influences nervous system very softly and well. Therefore it is authorized to use these drinks in baby food.

5. From drinks caffeine contains also in lemonades. Most of all stimulator is in Pepsi and Coca-Cola (up to 10 mg on 100 ml). However it should be noted that this caffeine is not natural, synthetic. On action they are almost identical. Because of the high content of caffeine in sparkling water the product isn't recommended to be used in large numbers to children.

6. On the basis of effect of caffeine the energy drinks extended today are framed. In one small jar (150 ml) the maintenance of a stimulator can reach 80 mg. Frequent use of such products has an adverse effect on work of nervous and cardiovascular systems. It is also necessary to remember: constant consumption of caffeinated drinks is capable to cause accustoming.

7. Caffeine can influence an organism in two ways: toniziruyushche and toxic. Reaction depends on a dose. In day the adult without fear can use about 300 mg of caffeine.

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