Kalmar stuffed with chicken with mushrooms and cheese

Kalmar stuffed with chicken with mushrooms and cheese

To surprise nobody with squid salad for New Year's holidays any more. But all the same there is a wish to see this sea product on the table during a feast. To diversify the habitual festive menu, a squid it is possible to stuff. It turns out not just tasty, but also it is very nourishing. Preparation of this dish is troublesome business, but guests will be pleasantly surprised and will estimate efforts of the hostess.

It is required to you

  • - the whole carcasses of a squid (it is desirable chishchenny);
  • - chicken breast;
  • - freshly frozen mushrooms;
  • - onions;
  • - carrots;
  • - hard cheese;
  • - garlic;
  • - mayonnaise.


1. To facilitate the work, it is necessary to get the cleaned squid. It is necessary to wash out and move away him well remained films if those are available. It is necessary to use only the whole carcasses. In the boiling added some salt water we lower a squid. We hold minute and we get. It is impossible to digest a squid, otherwise it will be difficult to be chewed.

2. We defreeze mushrooms, we wash with water and it is small cut. Small we cut onions, we grate carrots and we fry all three components until ready. Instead of salt it is possible to add a little soy-bean sauce to impact a peculiar taste to mushrooms.

3. We wash out chicken breast and we boil in the added some salt water until ready. Then we cut ready meat as it is possible more small.

4. We mix the cooled-down mushrooms with chicken breast. We add couple of cloves of davlenny garlic. For more pungent flavor garlic should be used in bigger quantity. We add a grated cheese and a little mayonnaise. Mayonnaise serves only for fastening of all components of a stuffing. It shouldn't be much, as in usual salad.

5. We begin to stuff carcasses of a squid with accurately turned-out weight. The stuffing should be stacked densely, trampling down it a spoon. You watch to damaging a carcass of a squid. The stuffing has to recede from edge approximately on half-centimeter. Edges of a carcass should be fixed by a toothpick.

6. We put a foil on a baking tray, we drip to steam of drops of oil and we pound it on all surface. We spread the stuffed squid. Slightly we coat each carcass with mayonnaise and from above it is plentifully strewed with cheese, grated on a small grater. Mayonnaise is used in order that cheese kept on a carcass better. But if desired it is possible to do also without it.

7. The baking tray with a squid is sent to the oven warmed up to 180 degrees. A squid we bake about 10 minutes. As cheese will melt, it is possible to get a dish from an oven.

8. Toothpicks aren't taken out from carcasses. It does already everyone, in the plate. Enjoy your meal!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team