Language as cultural phenomenon

Language as cultural phenomenon

Functions of language are various. It serves as the means of communication, way of information transfer and emotions. Unlike the simplest alarm systems which are used by animals the human language represents a social and cultural phenomenon. Development of language went together with formation of culture of human society.


1. The thought is expressed and made in words, famous Soviet psychologist L.S. Vygotsky specified. Acting as means of formation of cogitative forms, language turned for mankind into the tool of knowledge of reality. Through assimilation and use of speech designs of people it became capable to realize and express the world view. In this sense the language is reflection of a way of life of the person and culture level reached by mankind.

2. Multiple functions of language and the continuous nature of its existence did language the tool for storage and passes to the subsequent generations of historical and cultural experience. Language – the integral component of culture of a civilization and a treasury of experience of mankind. The culture of each people finds the reflection in the language creating a subjective image of the objective world.

3. Being indispensable attribute of culture and the carrier of "the cultural code" of community of people, language becomes expression of quite certain image of perception and thinking. Essential signs of the social phenomena of which there is "fabric" of public, political and cultural life of the people are fixed in language. Through language the thinnest lines of spirit and the nature of the people are shown.

4. Issues of development of language as cultural phenomenon are beyond linguistics. It becomes subject to consideration of social philosophy, cultural science and history. Cross-disciplinary approach to a research of language processes allows to define influence of language on culture. The system method gives the chance to vyvit trends of interaction of language, society and its culture.

5. One of forms by means of which language means find reflection in culture is folk art. The folklore heritage comprises all main manifestations of thoughts and feelings of the person. National language is distinguished by an originality of vocabulary, depth and brightness of the images used in legends, songs and chastushkas. The culture of the people is inseparable from language means.

6. In modern society the role of mass media is very high. The new systems of communications have the high speed of dissemination of information, but in a certain measure impoverish language and the culture of audience. Interest in reading fiction is lost, the feeling of language becomes dull, communication becomes more primitive. The general level of literacy of the population decreases. The solution of this problem is included into a circle of the tasks facing society which wants to keep and strengthen the culture.

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